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    Please help! Sync and backup issues

    I've got my music in iTunes now. If I download the latest iPhone version and allow it to the backup like it asks, will everything be there?
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    save the first iPhone?

    off topic, but what would you do with the Commodore 64? We have one.
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    Please help! Sync and backup issues

    I have an iPhone v1. I do not have the latest update (2.2?) downloaded. I don't have a backup of my music, contacts, or calendar. (No lecture please...I'm well aware how stupid that is!) Anyway, our old computer crashed (macbook) and we have a new PC. I have nothing in iTunes now. I need to get...
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    Apps in iTunes but not showing up on phone

    When I click on the apps in iTunes (already downloaded) it says the original file can't be found. Any help on this is appreciated! I am ticked because I paid for 2 of them!
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    Apps in iTunes but not showing up on phone

    Thanks. I tried it but they still aren't there. I think the problem is that they aren't even listed in the sync part. Anyone know how to get them there? They are listed in iTunes just not on my phone.
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    Apps in iTunes but not showing up on phone

    I downloaded (some purchased) some apps and I did check the sync all applications box but only one is downloaded. It only lists one in the "sync all applications" box even though iTunes shows them all. Any help? Please. eta: it's for an iPhone
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    keeping iTunes library on new computer
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    keeping iTunes library on new computer

    There is a way to reverse sync if you have an ipod. There are detailed directions on the Apple website. I have no idea if you don't have an ipod...maybe you could use a memory stick?
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    Join various artists into one CD

    I know I've done this before but I can't remember how.... How do I join various artists on one CD, such as a sountrack?
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    Reverse sync for address book?

    Great! Thanks!
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    Reverse sync for address book?

    I lost my entire address book on my imac. It's all on my iPhone though. Is there a way to reverse sync to get the info back on my laptop? Thanks.
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    Text Messaging Is Horrible!

    Maybe I'm not thinking this through or thinking straight, but....can't you send it as an email (so you could easily send it as a mass email) but put in their phone number email address so it would appear as a text to them? It would take some effort to type in all the contacts as phone numbers...
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    I'm still having gmail/iPhone problems. I had my wifi working fine and now it's back to EDGE which I just don't understand since it's on and appears to be connected just fine. My gmail --- I still can't delete (I do it but they are back in there when I return to mail) and it just checks...
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    Gmail issues

    where can I get the instructions to configure it (again) in case that's the problem?
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    Screen returns to "Home" by itself while in Safari and Maps

    I only have that problem with my mail oddly enough and nothing has helped it.