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    I had no problem with the amount, as most of them were useful and cut down on the 9878678687890 threads about the same topic. It was just they showed on every page, so id finish sorting through page one, then on page two WHAM! they are all there again ha
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    iPhone + extreme temps inside car

    Operating temperature: 32° to 95° F (0° to 35° C) Nonoperating temperature: -4° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C) Anyone else notice that the normal operating temperatures, and included within the range of the NON-operating temperatures? haha -4˚ to 32˚ and 95˚ to 113˚ would be more correct... also...
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    Anyone else that there news stories are getting more and more unreliable about things recently? Or a story/link from them will only work for a day or two then just dead end.... I just started noticing this a lot this week
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    Phone not HANGING UP?

    I think this is a cingular thing... because my old motorola would stay on the line for about a minute after someone hung up, still thinking its on the phone but would have no signal from the other phone or anything.
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    Hey chris... is there a way to get the stickys/announcements to only show up on the first page rather than on every page as it seems to now. Its a little distracting to go through the forum with the first 10 threads on each page being the same (in the iPhone forum atleast)
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    Post your model # and any issues with your iPhone.

    That doesn't seem a good sign to me that the case and software model numbers don't match haha..
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    Im going to buy an iPhone..i need help..

    not to flame you or anything igotipws... but that link was horrible three out of the twelve reasons were "its only on ATT". now, i realize that that isn't the best for some, and its a down side, but they aren't iphooling anyone with that... just thought that list was horrendous.
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    The Whine free "If I was on the iPhone development I'd do this on next update" thread

    I have to say, i don't agree with this at all...maybe as an option but not as a default. Because what if the new page you open has a different layout, you may end up zoomed in on some obscure section, iPhone cant know what your looking for. Or if it is a page you've never been to, if it is...
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    my speakers are PISSED at my iPhone

    It's a cingular thing, not an iPhone thing. All cingular phones do that. watch:
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    How Do I put the iPhone on Vibrate?

    There may be bad/buggy phones and you just lucked out and got the perfect one. Go buy 9 more and do some testing for everyone haha
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    Anyone own a Zune?

    Well also, you have to remember good products and good advertising go together. If you've never heard of a product you won't buy regardless of quality... the number one reason for purchase is name recognition.(advertising)
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    Anyone own a Zune?

    To the guy who owns the Zune: What do you think of it, i haven't gotten an un-biased opinion/review of it anywhere....or is it true that it just sucks that bad?
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    Saving Picture Attachments

    Its not. it was known before iPhone was released that it didn't support MMS messaging (that is normal picture messages) that all pictures where done through email as of now.. just hope Apple updates the software.
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    Existing Customer still on phone with customer service over 1 hour

    Just out of curiosity are you guys running iTunes on Macs or PC's?
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    Will Roosevelt Field have iPhone?

    I wasn't planning on going, or even getting an iPhone for a few months (till all the firmware updates are in and any bugs worked out if any) but, to say Hi to the guy that runs this site AND have a phone...hmmmmmmmm decisions decisions