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    MS Office reaches the iPhone !

    Thats great! Hopefully the app won't be bloated like the full versions. :)
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    Find out where you're really getting connected to the net...

    Very True. Way to be Positive! :smile:
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    Find out where you're really getting connected to the net...

    im in orange county, ca and it shows that I am in riverside, ca thats with edge. If on my home wifi it show the adjacent city to me, not even my city. Ya its pretty useless! :gasp:
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    Give Yahoo!Mail a Second Chance?

    I have been using a free yahoo mail account for the past month and it has pushed 90% of mail successfuly. It seems to take longer if your inbox on the computer has a lot of unopened emails. One thing I noticed is that if you have a yahoo account that was created before the iPhone was...
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    Streaming Video?

    You can always upload your movies to Glide or Orb and watch them on your iPhone by logging into your Glide or Orb account. When you watch the videos you will have to let it "buffer" here an there, but its manageable (thats on EDGE; WIFI should stream no problem). Yesterday I watched an hour of...
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    Warm/hot iPhone

    Am on my third iPhone. The first two both got "hotter than normal" according to the genus' at the Apple store. Both would get really really warm when I was streaming music off of Orb, charging the phone via usb and playing the music through the headphone on my computer speakers. They swapped...
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    free text messaging

    I had that same problem last night. I added my family, friends and girlfriend to the AIM account and every single one of them showed up as "online" except for my girlfriend. I was f-ing pissed cause I text her more than anyone else. Now she doesn't have an AIM or AOL account so I thought that...
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    has anyone figured out the best way for Gmail?

    Well since the "push email" is offered through yahoo and its free, I setup a new yahoo account (cause my old, created years ago, would not "push") and have my gmail forwarded to the yahoo account. Thats setup on the computer. Then on the iPhone I setup only the Yahoo account. Now my mail from...
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    free text messaging

    Thanks Again bllzll! I got it to work flawlessly. I tried it with some friends and family and all the sent and received messages went through BeeJive! I'm stoked cause I only get 200 sms/mon. and this will save me from going over. Just a heads for everyone else. If you send someone a...
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    free text messaging

    Ok! So i was fiddling with some of the settings on this page, Mobile AIM, and found that if you sign your phone up to receive aims on the go then you need to make sure that the "Manage Who IMs Me" is setup for YOUR phone NOT to receive AIMs as SMS. So click...
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    free text messaging

    bllzll, Hey thanks for the tip! I got it working partially, but I do have some questions. I am able to login into AIM through Beejive and send a message to who ever. They receive it as a text. BUT when they reply, it comes back as a text message on the iPhone, not through Beejive. I used...
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    VIdeo plays fine, but audio is a different story

    Hello all. I have used Videora iPhone Converter to convert a movie that is in .avi format. It converted, loaded into iTunes, and sync'd to the iPhone successfuly. BUT when I play it back on the iPhone the video is crisp and clear BUT the audio is scrambled and cannot be heard or understood...