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    iPad Forums Giveaway #3: Productivity Pack Pages, Keynote and Numbers for iPad

    I reallywant this for my ipad 3G I'm getting!
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    Shipped Notification......carrier UPS?

    UPS will not deliver until sat and they will its probably included in your FREE SHIPPING
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    Will you be an iPad subscriber?

    probably not, the iPad isn't sub. so its a lot more expensive.
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    How Will Apple Ship The iPad?

    They are being shipped via UPS, and UPS will hold the package till saturday
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    3G case fit 3GS?

    yeah itll work, exactly the same :D
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    3.1 keyboard tap sound very quite

    I have a developer account with Apple, thats how i submitted my report
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    3.1 keyboard tap sound very quite

    well Apple tells me if its a known issue, so ill just have to wait for the email to see.
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    3.1 keyboard tap sound very quite

    i went ahead and submitted a bug report to them about this. lets hope it gets fixed, bc it does bother me ha
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    3.1 keyboard tap sound very quite

    Yeah but I really hate it cause you can hardly hear it now
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    3.1 keyboard tap sound very quite

    My iPhone keyboard sound is very low sound when I type is anyone else this way?
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    i want 3.0 i want MMS i want tethering!

    Mine is working to. Southern Indiana. Evansville to be exact
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    Anyone Who Has Sent There iPhone To Apple

    probably will be tomorrow. they are always fast when they decide what to do. i sent mine in on monday (they got it tuesday. wed they shipped it out) had a new phone on thursday. so id bet itll be shipped tomorrow
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    MMS and 3.1

    1. September 25th 2. Firmware update (3.1) 3. Yes
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    AT&T rep said "MMS date has been push backed"

    still Late summer, said that youll just plug in your iPhone to iTunes and it will update it, and AT&T will be contacting customers letting them know MMS works.