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    Why doesn't iTunes offer a service like Napster?

    The price they have set per download is anything but rational. If you have an 80-gig ipod that is $20,000 in music alone why would we even want them to come out with something bigger?
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    Gadget of the year

    They really have knocked out the competition in the portable music world. we can only hope that they will continue to prove themselves year after year and keep delivering quality to the consumers.
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    Will th Nano Come Down in Price After Christmas?

    If you buy online, at the Apple store the price for a 4gig is $199 and the 8gig is $249. Sometimes right after the holidays you will find them cheaper but I'm not sure if there will be a permanent change.
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    100 Gig?

    I could see that happening in the very near future, the original ipod is bigger than the others so even if the shrink it a little they won't have to worry about the kind of room they would if they had to do it with a nano.
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    iPod Gaming Unit

    I'm sure it is something that they have contemplated or maybe it is something they could be working on now. Apple is not very specific when they say what they are planning on doing.
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    The new iPod shuffle

    The equipment being embedded in to the earpiece sounds like an interesting concept, my only question would be is would they have an attachment for the screen or how do you think that would work?
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    Video Game Consoles

    I was recently considering the WII so I'm glad you have it because I'm curious, doesn't that controller wear your arm out? I'm wondering how long you will be able to play without switching over to the other arm.
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    NFL Playoff Picture

    I was rooting for the Giants as well but their performance on Sunday was depressing. Indianapolis looks like they are going to be in for sure; since there is no doubt that they will probably kill Houston this week.
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    Do You Like Egg Nog?

    I never cared for the taste of eggnog but to have a Christmas party without it just seems wrong to me, which is like playing in the snow and not having hot cocoa afterwards.
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    The Travel Time Has Arrived!

    I have a hectic holiday schedule full of driving, fun fun. I have to drive my stepdaughter 5 hours north of me and then drive 10 hours south to go see my family that is visiting from NY.
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    We've been punked! Cisco owns iPhone

    I'm sure they are getting a kick out of it, but is it going to help their sales? They have known for years that the rumors were focused on Apple and they did nothing to dispel them, now people are pissed and probably not going to buy.
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    Is the iPhone Going to Sell More than the Razr?

    Can't ever be too sure if something is accurate until it is actually announced by the company. I suppose we will learn more on Monday with the supposed release date.
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    Web Site Taking Bets on Release date

    Is there no end to what the people in the world will gamble on? A sporting event is one thing but the release of an electronic device is simply ludicrous.
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    How Many Colours?

    I would have thought they would stick to the standard colors at first but there are so many rumors and no solid information that it is hard to be sure.
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    Is the iPhone Going to Sell More than the Razr?

    I have been reading lot about the phone around the internet and I think Apple expects to be able to compete, the only problem I see is that if the information on gizmodo is correct (someone says the price will be around $600)this phone is going to flop.