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    Got Fired For Pics On My iPhone

    Wow... that sux. Good luck finding a new position.
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    keep getting package download failure

    Thank you Hawk... it worked like a charm
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    Forgot about this thread... I'm from the NE Philly... North Catholic grad... live in Archbishop Ryan area now
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    Sad day for SunshinePrincess.

    Good luck...
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    SECRET* Apple's secret message to me?(no, not the song title when waking your phone)

    I think it is a pretty neat find. I'm gonna check mine out and see if I can replicate. Probably as some said, just a part number.
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    Wives/Girlfriends. . .

    I actually bought my non-geek wife an iPhone and she didn't want it. SO I sold it on ebay. She has no problems with the iPhone... yet
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    Your favorite Podcast

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    Dead pixel? Stuck pixel? What are these? [Pictures attached]

    I too have the "dreaded" 7 series screen, even though I purchased my phone at an Apple Store on 6/30. I do not have those mysterious white marks. I am now checking for the dead pixel issue.
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.01 Discussion

    I just completed the update. No problems... like previously mentioned.. it got stuck about 50% and then completed. I did not loose any mods that I made. My Win XP laptop was able for the first time to synch pictures with the iPhone.
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    Speakers Crackling

    I was also hearing crackling sounds... I shut off the EQ and now no more crackling sounds... thanks aggieman tank863
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    Born and raised in Philly... Go Eagles & Flyers
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    how do I change how often it checks for mail

    You go into settings --> mail --> under message you will see an auto check tab. Touching the tab will reveal manual, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, hour.
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    Good Battery ONLY if you never use iPod

    You are showing the setting for usage time only! How long has the phone been on standby? Right now, my iPhone says Time since last full charge: Usage: 3 Hours, 13 Minutes Standby 15 Hours, 40 Minutes I still have over 60% left. I work an 11 hour day, everyday. I listen to my ipod to-from the...
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    ARTICLE: Security Issues with Dialer and Safari

    Actually a good article with a heads up about the Safari web based dialling feature and a security problem.
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    Terrible battery life [Original iPhone]

    I work an 11 hour day, everyday. I have the brightness set rather high. I listen to the ipod while working to-from the parking lot for about 40 minutes. I make numerous phone calls a day. I check the mail at a 30 minute interval and use the wifi.. as well as the bluetooth function. I'm searching...