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    What I hate about iOS 11...

    In the old version, when you log in to Apple, you get a window listing all your iOS devices that use your Apple ID. You select the one you have with you and the code is pushed to that device in a notification window. On the new version, when you log in, ALL iOS devices gets the notification...
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    What I hate about iOS 11...

    I was using two factor authentication before, now with iOS 11, I guess I’ve been updated. On the original, I was able to select the device I wanted the code sent too. Now it sends it to all my devices. I don’t like that. Should I lose a device to theft and someone captures my Apple ID, they...
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    app store not searching

    Same happened to me today. Search just did nothing. I cleared cache and it was better. Slow but better.
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    Battery drain with IOS 9.3.3

    Same here. My 6+ drained fast on 9.3.2 as well. I think it's worse on 9.3.3.
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    WWDC 2016 dicussion

    Voicemail Transcripts is why I use Google Voice as my main voicemail now. It's about 95% accurate. I hope Apple makes theirs better.
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    iOS 9 App Dev Help

    I think it depends on the nature of your app whether or not you need to learn to code or hire the pros. There are several out there that take great presentations and put a web wrapper on and call it an app. There are some who write natively. Whatever route you take be sure the language in...
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    MacBook Pro Can I use Microsoft Outlook on a Mac?

    If you haven't already found it, Office for Mac 2011 has Outlook. It's not free.
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    Post Your Last Purchase

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    So what does everyone think about iOS 9?

    I've been having issues: unresponsive going from month view in calendar, links not working and general "slowness."
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    Official random thread

    Nothing says Christmas better than Spock dying.
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    9.0.1 is out.

    My iPhone 6+ update was 35Meg. Why the discrepancy I wonder.
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    Siri Audio Activation Prompts Missing Since Upgrade to iOS 9

    I don't have it either. Honestly don't miss it.
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    So what does everyone think about iOS 9?

    I downloaded OTA on Wednesday. While I've had an app crash or two, my 6+ seems to me more responsive. Battery also seems to drain slower.
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    iPhone 6s iPhone Keynote Discussion Thread

    Little bummed I can't watch it live today. But I appreciate this thread to get the highlights.
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    iPhone 6s Small company "6S Marketing" wants Apple not to use "6s" name for upcoming smartphone

    That campaign has received a plethora of media coverage. The more I see it, the more I think it's pure genius. They capitalized on the opportunity. I'm sure it was expensive, but you can't really measure the return on the press coverage.