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    What phone are you using now?

    I have a very old Nokia phone that I bought about 5 years ago so I think that it is seriously time for an upgrade. I am really not sure what I want and that is why I decided to look into the iPhone, but it looks like it will not be coming out for a while if at all and I can not wait too much longer.
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    WWDC iPhone Announcement

    I don't think that we will be seeing an iPhone at all. I hate to be so pessimistic but this has been going on far too long for me to believe that Apple really has anything in the making. There are a lot of hoax sites out there that claim to have the real pictures but none of them seem to pan out.
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    Do iPods Recognize Blue Tooth?

    I know that when I bought my Ipod a little while ago that there really was not a whole lot out in the blue tooth area but now it seems that everything is blue tooth this and blue tooth that, do the new Ipod recognize blue tooth accessories?
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    Buying off eBay?

    Did anyone here buy their Ipod off of ebay? Was it new or used? How much did you pay? I have a friend that is looking for one but does not have the money to buy a new one and is looking for a used one on ebay, do you think that you can find a good deal and not get ripped off?
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    Where do you vacation?

    I am always looking for somewhere new and exciting to go so I like to ask where everyone else has been and what they thought of it. So far I have not had a lot of time to travel so I really have not been anywhere too exciting.
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    Anyone here go to college?

    I went to a Community College and got and associates degree but that is all I have accomplished so far. I would like to go back and get my master's in Computer Science since that is my passion. Who else has went to college?
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    How big are the minis?

    They are about 4in by 4in at least that is my best guess without actually measuring the thing. They are great for those that just want to listen to music and carry them in your pocket. I actually had one and sold it because it was too small for me.
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    Do you think that Apple should make a phone?

    The more I have read lately the more that I believe that Apple does not have a phone in development. Do you think that Apple should make a phone or just stick to what they know? I think that they could make a pretty nice phone but Apple is too expensive for the average person so I think that...
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    When will it be out?

    Just an update! I have been reading more and more that this phone is never going to happen and that all the pictures that we have been seeing all over the net are just a hoax.
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    Is this ever going to happen?

    Well I have changed my mind. I have been reading more and more now that leads me to believe that this phone is indeed a hoax. I really do not believe that Apple will ever launch a phone as they are already busy with their computers.
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    Anyone here married?

    Sorry to hear that Ebony. This is part of the reason that I am really waiting it out to get married since the divorce rate is so high I figure that you are more than likely going to go through a divorce than make it. Hope things do work out for you!
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    I really can not wait for this system to come out. I am sure that I am going to have to go and spend the night on some cold sidewalk to get mine but it is so worth it once you get it home and play! I am such a geek! :D
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    Where to buy accessories?

    I shop ebay all the time! I have gotten some great deals and also have sold some things on there and made a good profit. It is all about supply and demand! I suggest that anyone purchasing on ebay read the feedback and see how the persons last few sales have went.
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    Is this ever going to happen?

    The more I read the more I believe that we will be seeing this phone sooner rather than later. I know that it has been in development for quite sometime so I think that we will be seeing it soon.
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    This iPhone looks just like........

    I have said the same thing a few times. I really doubt that Apple will put out something that looks so similar to another phone so I am going to guess that they will probably be using another design.