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    Are people getting these reception issues?

    I've officially fallen victim to the antenna issue. It is still sporadic in overall occurrence - but it took getting out around town to start seeing the drop in bars, leading to edge/lost connection. Very similar to 3G in some respects. Not crippling, nor does it drastically reduce...
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    The iPhone 4 Picture Thread!

    Sigh - I miss home. Great picture. Only 2 more weeks until I get to be back in ATX for first time in 5 years....sadly, only for 4 days.
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    Really they didn't include?

    Mine did NOT come with an ejector pin... But, I might have one in the old 3G box. And, I have plety of paper clips lying around, so not an issue. If only a free dock came with it - shucks.
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    Charge battery for the first time?

    By the time I activated/updated phone from previous 3G backup, phone was a 100%. No need to let it sit all day. It should only take a few minutes, since it is fairly close to full charge out of the box. I am going to let it run all the way down today. I plugged it in last night with 80%...
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    2 questions for the new 4 owners

    I actually think the lock/unlock is too loud. Hence while I will mute them in settings. The softer the better, but that is due to personal preference....and I can not stand typing clicks - again, personal preference. Speaker is much crisper and the audio is louder and less muffled...
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    What will happen after I activate my iPhone 4 to my 3GS?

    The 3G2 will not longer be able to make or receive calls. However, I am unsure if you can still use for WiFi use? But, you will not have access to 3G services, since you switch you plan over the the iPhone 4. Does a 3G or 3GS basically become as useful as an iPod touch once you swhich over...
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    Are people getting these reception issues?

    So far, I only notice any "visual" change in connectivity on my WiFi bars (decreases by 1) when holding it by the sides (like I usually do). I have turned off WiFi, and tried to replicate with just 3G....I still can not get the bars to go down when I hold the phone. The "visual" change in bars...
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    is it safe?

    Good like finding a case. Apple sold out at mist stores in the first couple hours yesterday. I an going to try Best buy later today.
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    Battery Performance Thread

    Compared to the battery life that came with the 3G on it's launch day, I would say this is an overwhelming success in regards to battery improvement. I think back then (*heh* - back then....) I was having to charge every 6 hours for the first few weeks until they did a software patch. But even...
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    Are people getting these reception issues?

    I have tried everything. I have not been able to replicate this reported issue. No yellow corners, either.
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    The iPhone 4 iDay Thread

    5am until 1:00pm. THat is how long it took. When I got there, there were maybe 150 people in front of me. Of which, maybe 60 were reserves. They screwed non-reserves horribly. Poor website advertising, and poor launch day execution. They handed out iPhone 4 passes to non-reserves by...
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    The iPhone 4 iDay Thread

    Apple severely screwed up this launch. Customers are getting screwed with this reservation process most had no clue about, or could not get online to access due to server issues. I have been 25 feet from the mall doors for 3 hours - they are not selling to non- reserves....and forcing...
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    The iPhone 4 iDay Thread

    Still only one master line at King Of Prussia mall. Seems like controlling entry into the mall. I assume they split up reserve and non-reserves....hmm. Only about 100 people in front of me, about 600 behind. It's already 85 degrees out, and I am sweating like a pig.
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    The iPhone 4 iDay Thread

    The sun is NOT my friend. So close to the seems like they are letting people into the mall in bursts of 20 to 40 people. Easily over 600 people here (all one line outside). I am going to be bright red today.
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    The iPhone 4 iDay Thread

    I am in the front 120 people or so. The line you see behind me wraps around the back of the building and extends to the other far corner.....all this since 5am.