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    The iPhone 4 Picture Thread!

    This is using the zoom, I can't believe the resolution.
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    How many of you are ready to dump Apple this morning?

    Why would I dump them? I've been a loyal iPhone customer since the original launch and here I sit 4 generations of phones later eagerly awaiting my new iPhone 4. I expect problems, we're talking about the most popular phone on the planet right now. The fact Apple can crank out a million or...
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    When will we get our phones?

    AT&T's computers were down as we all know... my wife went to the store to place the pre-order since she couldn't access either AT&T's website nor Apples. Since AT&T's systems were down, we got a hand written receipt with an old school credit card machine carbon copy. There's no confirmation of...
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    When will we get our phones?

    I was curious, will Apple ship the pre-order phones on the 24th, meaning we'll get them 5 to 7 days later? Or will they ship them sooner allowing them to arrive around the 24th? I can't wait to get my hands on my new phone. I totally skipped the 3GS and stuck with the 3G until now. The new...
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    What's the proper name and file size of the 3.0 GM?

    I downloaded a file from a torrent site and want to make sure I'm not about to install something screwed up to my phone. File name: iPhone1,2_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw OSX reports the file size as: 230.1MB Is this legit?
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    how do I sell my V1

    eBay. A guy in my office sold his for $385 two weeks ago.
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    Official iPhone Software Update 2.0.2 Discussion

    I don't see any difference on my V1 phone.
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    Official iPhone Software Update 2.0.2 Discussion

    YES!1!11 It's definitely not there!
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    Official iPhone Software Update 2.0.2 Discussion

    I noticed this as well, thank GOD they finally fixed this bug. JESH... it was so annoying. Carry on.
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    Just got my first bill from AT&T (a lot more than I thought)

    England rocks. Of course my family came over sometime around 1750 and my mother is a Daughter of the American Revolution... I've never got around to joining the Sons of the American Revolution but I might one of these days. :)
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    Your Opinion On Crashes

    Wow, that sucks guys. A buddy at work had problems with crashing with the pre-release 2.0. When the formal release came out, he hasn't had any problems. I still haven't had any problems. I've had applications (Photobucket) crash, and games like Tetris crash, but my phone rarely crashes.
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    Your Opinion On Crashes

    I don't have any more crashes now than I did with 1.x firmware... even then, I don't have them often at all.
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    I've given up on MobileMe

    Yeah, I don't think I would use it for that purpose either and certainly not for work. You really need to use Exchange if you want to pass email and calendaring seamlessly.
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    1st Gen iPhone Battery Life w/2.0 Software

    I don't carry around spare batteries even when I had phones that could use them like the Moto Q (which killed a battery in 2 hours with heavy use). I don't need a pocket full of batteries nor do I need to carry around a bag for phone accessories. Some people want to and that's cool. Most...
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    Apple iPhone 3G can meet demand. RIM scared

    That only works if you don't admit that the 3G is something like 80+% V1 technology with the exact same user interface, CPU, screen, etc.