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  • What should I clean the Invisible screen with? I spoke with Zagg via email one of the customer service reps told me to either by Zagg Foam or the iKlear whipes or the iKlear cleaning kit. Any ideas?
    Here's what I bought the Zagg Invisible Screen for the LCD screen. The guy that owns the local Zagg Invisible screen store he claims since I have a great iPhone case he said just get the front protector, he said it'll save me money plus the back screen is hard to put on and it leaves bunch of bubbles in the long run. So not sure if he was being honest and making me save money or just didn't want to put on the full protection. Either way I'm happy! I'm glad you guys told me about the Invisible screen! Hopefully tomorrow or first thing Monday I get the Otterbox Comutter TL iPhone case in the mail.
    I just got around to order the Otterbox Comutter TL Case from the guy in Walla Walla Washington. Now all I need to do is call to the local Zagg Invisible Screen place in the mall to see if they got the shipment in for the iPhone 3G screens. Which is better just a screen protector for the LCD Screen or get the full body? Even though the back side is covered by the phone case.
    Thanks, i know i am not the smartest person out there but i know when people are being rude for no reason, just cant help wonder why that is. Appreciate the message though.
    ♪♫♪ ♪♫♪ Merry Christmas ♪♫♪ ♪♫♪
    heya bud... thanks for the request... where ya been hiding? Wait... thats me that's been gone... Keep smiling and are you still playing Travian by the way??
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