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    Otterbox Defender in Realtree Camo

    Around 3 months ago I was walking by a guy with a bright orange iPhone case that looked like an Otterbox Defender. I was excited that Otterbox might have extended the color range of their Defender line, so when I got home that evening I looked it up. While going through their website I found...
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    official NFL 2011/12 season thread

    Go Colts! :cry: At least we are leading the standings as far as the draft pick goes. We certainly "Sucked for Luck"! I can hear it now. "With the first pick in the 2012 NFL draft, the Indianapolis Colts select Andrew Luck, Quarterback, Stanford.
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    test post only, don't read

    No it is a check in thread.
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    Where is Europa?

    Yes. I don't relate that picture to anything good! :p
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    Welcome to our newest moderator, Mindi aka Europa

    Deb, I'm sorry for all the crap I have put you through! Can you let me pack my things before you ban me? :p Congrats.
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    Otterbox Defender iPad case 1st gen.

    If you carry your iPad around everywhere you go like I do, you need a case that will protect your device at all times. The Otterbox Defender case provides fully functional protection and will keep your device looking brand new. The Defender series case for the iPad, is built with the same...
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    iPhone 3GS unresponsive

    $10 for this part swap. That is all you have to lose at this point.
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    3GS won't boot

    Still tinkering with this phone. Still seeking sage-like wisdom.
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    You're a funny man, Chris.

    Dave is in the green santa hat at :36
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    3GS won't boot

    Yeppers. I tried a different cord, and I also tried different ports. She said that the only thing she really noticed was that when she updated her apps, Myspace looked different. Looks like I'm gonna be tinkering with this one.
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    3GS won't boot

    I tried restoring from my other iMac at work to no avail. I might try restoring from my windows machine. Never know if it might restructure something.
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    3GS won't boot

    The noise was a soundfile from the phone, the way she described it sounds like the soundfile that is played when the phone is plugged in to charge. It seems like something might be wrong with the firmware. I will try anything with this brick. I'm gonna keep researching, until I can be certain...
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    3GS won't boot

    The iPhone could not be restored. an unknown error occurred (9)
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    3GS won't boot

    I cant get this phone to shake loose.
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    3GS won't boot

    The Apple store is worthless on phones past their warranty. *speaking from experience*