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    Downloading Video

    Have you tried moving the mp4 file to /private/var/mobile/Media/DCIM/100APPLE first and then adding it to the camera roll?
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    Help with downgrade. Error (1013)

    I believe you will need a mac to be able to hacktivate an iPhone 4. PwnageTool 4.1.2 iPhone 4 4.2.1 Custom PwnageTool Bundle 1. Add the custom bundle to PwnageTool. 2. Create the custom tethered IPSW using PwnageTool. Ensure that you use expert mode and choose "Activate the phone" from...
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    question concerning unteathered Jailbreak. PLeaseee

    Use Tiny Umbrella Mac Tutorial Windows Tutorial
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    GV Mobile + for free texting?

    The official Google Voice app allows you to receive your SMS messages as push notifications. The app also shows a badge to indicate how many contacts have SMSed you.
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    Dial specific number by holding the home button?

    I know it's a bit of a long work around, but you can launch a CallMe contact application with Activator. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, Activator cannot invoke applications from the lockscreen. You could set the Activator action "At the Lockscreen" to unlock and then the same action...
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    Untethered Jailbreak In Beta Stage--Testers Wanted!

    SHSH blobs are calculated specifically for your device by Apple. Using someone else's isn't going to help you.
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    Untethered Jailbreak In Beta Stage--Testers Wanted!

    It's a shame that it will require SHSH blobs for 4.2b3 (or if they can find a workaround 4.1). This leaves out a lot of people that never have been jailbroken before.
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    Push notifiaction reverts back to Tri-Tone, would like to change this.

    The sound file in question is contained within the MeeBo application bundle. The application bundle is assigned a random hex string, but if you have SBSettings you can activate the "More" gear and the bottom option is App Folders. Inside the MeeBo application bundle there will be a sound file...
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    Tetherme v. Others

    Yes, it does charge.
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    E-Mail Lock Screen Flash

    Not really a Cydia app, but you can use an App Store app like Push Mail to send yourself push notifications when an email comes. The service revolves around forwarding incoming emails to a separate server, so there are security issues. Also, depending on your company's email settings, you may...
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    How long are you holding out for 4.1?

    This really sums it up. There are some apps that I need to have up-to-date that I use on a regular basis. If I can't install the upgrade because I'm using an iOS version that is 5 months old, I'll have to upgrade. Until then, I'll stick with the jailbreak.
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    Voicemail forward doesn't work on iOS 4?

    If you have SSH or iFile installed you can navigate to /private/var/mobile/Library/Voicemail/. The files are in ARM format which can be played with Quicktime.
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    great Skype app update!

    Also this: "...we no longer have plans to charge a supplement to make calls over 3G. We’re delighted to make it easier for you to talk for even longer and do even more together using Skype."
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    4.0.1 jailbreak

    You can use Pwnage Tool to jailbreak 4.0.1 on phones with bootloaders of 359.3 or lower. (The iPhone4 has 374.4 making this impossible obviously.)
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    Help Please. Stuck in Apple logo and sipinning wheel

    This is a complex question. It depends on the version of your bootloader. Place the phone into DFU mode: Then, start the USB Proper app (spotlight for it). Scan your USB ports and find the device named "Apple Mobile Device (DFU mode)"...