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    So I made a stop frame animation about digg...

    Yes, I was bored. Terribly bored. What do you guys think? I haven't really messed around with stop frame animation that much.
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    Digg iPhone beta!

    Days? Is that a typo?
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    iPhone me!

    My old phone was accidentally run over. I had one of the Walkman phones.
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    iPhone me!

    Sadly I've gone this route before and its something you can only do once.
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    iPhone me!

    You kidding? Just the thought of the iPhone would do the trick :wink:
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    iPhone me!

    So no get iPhone quick schemes? Damn it.
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    iPhone me!

    I am one of those poor saps that can't afford an iPhone. Am I technically driven, tech savvy, and an designing/coding addict? Yes. iPhone? No :angry: I live on my own and pay my no extra moolah for god's gift to mankind. I've been brainstorming for ways to acquire one. I've been...
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    Who needs a digital picture frame...

    Thats a really good idea. I've always wanted one of those too...
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    WJP09's iPhone Videos *Updated*

    Its not a bad video I just wanted to see what happened next but you kept typing. And typing. And typing... :2cool:
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    WJP09's iPhone Videos *Updated*

    Holy crap dude. I tried to watch #4 but your typing made me so angry. Why did you type so much?! I actually got up out of my chair and walked away from my computer in agony.
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    Should I wait to get an iPhone?

    I'll second that. The iPhone is here now and if you want one you should get one. The next generation will not be coming until sometime after Christmas. Its rumored that a major firmware update will come up right before Christmas to boost holiday sales however this should have no effect on your...
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    do we really want to preserve are batteries?

    Yeah thats what I thought. Why would they cover the battery. Its not that its broken its just out of juice. The iPhone battery is estimated to hold 300-350 charges before it needs replacing.
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    iPhone as a remote

    When you control iTunes does the music play on your computer or on your iPhone?
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    A friend was given an activated iPhone!

    I wish my boss would give me an iPhone.
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    Ode to Digg (Video)