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    iPad mini to be launched today?

    The iPad Mini is rumored to be launched today. But the bigger question is will it just be a shrunk down version or something unexpected?
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    iPhone 4 Screen Shield

    And generally cloudy and kill crispness of screen.
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    iOS 6.0 Sucks

    Ya..i agree. Just gotta wait it out. Although Google has a huge head start and a proven product...if it isn't broke don't fix it I guess.
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    Anyone found a good bumper-style case for iPhone 5?

    I just bought this case...its pretty sweet and i think it looks cool:
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    In Your opinion, Best iPad cover?

    I just received this case yesterday: It is pretty good if you want something more than just a screen cover. I like to be able to throw my ipad in my bag without worrying. My last ipad ended up getting a pressure crack in the glass, got...
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    Great web app for my iPhone

    will have to check it out.
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    Starbucks now Live on Passbook

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    Does anybody else find whatsapp really annoying how long it takes to load? I have started to quit using it. When you go to write a msg it just sits there loading.
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    iPhone 4 Screen Shield

    I hate poor quality screen protectors. The worst.
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    Lightning to USB cable stopped working:(

    I always had problems with the iPhone4 cable but surprised with the 5
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    iOS 6.0 Sucks

    Definitely not a fan of the new maps.
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    If you own an iPad, will you get an iPad mini?

    I'm not too sure how big the mini will be. Although the nexus has done quite well.