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    Help! Refurbished iPhone going bad

    They gave me a replacement with minimal haggling, They wanted to charge me 200 but I threw in there face how much Apple crap I have bought and the 1800 macbook air purchase I had. The geniuses acted like used car salespeople let me go speak to my manager.
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    Help! Refurbished iPhone going bad

    My refurbished iPhone is taking a dump and I was curious what kind of warranty is on the refurbished phone? I have had this replacement for about 5 months and I started getting some error message about airplane mode. The phone shuts its self off and I have to keep turning it off and on. I sent...
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    can someone help me please

    dude your phone is ruined like mine, Mine did the same thing and its at Iresq now, its 280$ to fix it. Im just gonna get the 3g
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    3RD In Line In Columbus Ohio ( twist)

    I am #3 inline at the S hamilton rd store in Columbus Ohio. I got here at 6 and the weather looks pretty good. On a sidenote the other 2 guys sitting here were propostioned by a Ho for sho , she would perfom certain duties for a cigarette. THATS ALL FOR NOW.
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    Where the hell is everyone in Columbus? They got cow towns in Ohio with more interest than the Capital. This makes no sense too me. I guess I will be the only person in line.
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    I did a newspaper inteview for the Columbus Dispatch in Ohio , and it was in todays paper. I was happy with it, first time I have been famous for 5 minutes.
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    Anybody wanna meet up at 12:30 am on Friday to wait it out at the cingular store on Hamilton rd?
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    What's the last product that had you this excited?

    The last item that had me pumped was the Nike Air Jordan XI black and white colorway. I bought 3 pair of 9s the minute they opened up. I am sure whoever was a 9 came in after was pissed because I bought all 3 pair. WoW that was 10 years ago in high school . I am sad I don't have those shoes...
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    What time are going to start waiting in line?

    I am driving by the store when I get off work at 12:30 am 29th ,If their is a line I will get in it if their isn't a line I am gonna start one. This is one helluva way for me to spend my birthday
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    They just finished remodeling it so it looks a little better , but put it this way I only go their before 12. That area has gone down the toilet
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    I gave my telephone interview with Tracy give her a call guys , she is a nice lady!
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    I thought Toledo was in Michigan :). I will drive by my cingular store in Columbus after work at 1230 am on the 29th. If their are people their I will get out and wait in line til 6pm. If their isn't a line , I am gonna start one.
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    What income bracket are you in.. also your age?

    My birthday is also June 29th Happy Birthday bro! I will be turning 28 and I make 50k a year My contract is up August 3rd ,and am with Verizon aswell. I will miss their service, but not their lousy phones
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    I have thursday off and plan on driving by the store about 9 pm to see if their is a line. If their isn't I will get to spend my birthday sleeping until 7am on Friday ,and seeing you in line. Good luck !
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    If you get their before me , make sure you have them hold me one :)