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  1. T "At Bat" App Review

    this app just went from 'show off status' to 'awesome sauce status'
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    Do not download shazaam

    i just read the terms for myself and it explicitly states that if you were to be charged you would be notified WITHIN the app and have to accept the charge first. this isn't like theyre going to secretly charge you and then slam you with a bill that you never knew coming. This is such an...
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    looking for a good recommendation on 'gym/workout' headphones for my iPhone 3G

    a couple of things im looking for are: 1) over the ear rather than in the ear because i wear hearing aids (although i can take them out if there is no better option so this isn't a must just very stronlgy preferred) 2) wireless would be fantastic although again, not a must. im also looking...
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    Apple's extended warranty on 3G iPhone

    one time i wanted to replace my phone because i dropped it, so i just told them that the phone shocked me while i was talking, and they replaced it no questions asked lol.. its foolproof
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    GoContact available on App Store

    I'm one I those people. I have a really simple idea but don't have the programming skills necessary
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    HELP: Google calendar to mobileME?

    Ok, so i have an iPhone and until now I have been syncing my google calendar with my iPhone. I signed up for the free mobileME trial today and I am trying to figure out how to sync all my stuff from my iPhone/ical/google calendar to mobileME. Im afraid that im going to lose all my stuff in...
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    mobile me won't sync?

    i just signed up for mobile me andim trying to get it to sync with my macbook before i risk losing everything on my iPhone but it refuses to sync ical and address book.. everytime i do it in my settings menu on the macbook and then go check on me, me is empty. anyone know if this is a universal...
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    YESS! Sync your GOOGLE CALENDAR with iPhone 2.0 without any apps!

    yeah my beef with this is that i will have to use a new email address or get all my mail and stuff forwarded to mobile me.. i really wanna just stay on gmail. i was wondering how nuevasync made any money.. theres no advertising and there seems to be a lot of man power going into this as well...
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    MobileChat (Best Messenger App There Will Be)

    um.. u can get unlimited texts on the new 3g plans now.. i have unlimited texts for my entire family plan which includes 3 iPhones for $30 a month
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    MobileChat (Best Messenger App There Will Be)

    theyre charging people? screw that
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    How many of you have tried to write your own app?

    yeah so far im in over my head.. ill keep workin on it but the code langauge takes a while to learn
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    ANyone else not getting bank of america to work

    it ended up being my online banking account. they shut it down and reopened and it works fine. and yes its the saem as the webapp but for me it loads faster for whatever reason and its a nicer looking button on the home screen
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    How many of you have tried to write your own app?

    wow this is so annoying lol, everything i try to do doesn't work lol, im trying to use the image tool to put a picture on the main page and it wont even let me do that lol right now im not even touchign xcode until i read more about it. im just trying to use the builder.
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    How many of you have tried to write your own app?

    well so far im clueless with how to use xcode but im trying to work with the interface builder and im picking it up very slowly, this is much harder than i thought it would be. maybe people should try to write something before complaining about pricing. right now im trying to figure out how to...
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    How many of you have tried to write your own app?

    heeh, i have no problem paying for an app if its any good. SO i don't plan on charging for my app unless its good quality. If its not good quality, i plan on probably just using it for myself.