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    i need a new rumor!

    yes yeah, can i get a demo of the new iPhone? i promise i wont show anyone :wink:
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    3G iPhone name?

    i wouldn't be surprised if they announce multiple phones in the iPhone line (maybe not all at the conference but maybe by xmas). My guess is iPhone Pro for the top of the line.
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    More Leaks, Rumors, Good Times

    yeah an ugly face that no one would hire as a model :wink:
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    i need a new rumor!

    im just antsy with anticipation for the 3g announcement. where are the inconspicuous photos of people using Apple branded phones that might be the new 3g? where are the people who say they work for Apple, telling us they know all the secrets?
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    My predictions, based on lots of studying

    solar power i think the solar research they are doing will just be an accessory. you can get them now that work with iPhones!
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    June 27th - iPhone 3G Release

    Thanks Chris! I have a love for the old mac corporate image. i've been using macs since my Apple IIe. I temporarily fell to the devil's IBM compatible ways at the beginning of college because that was primarily available at the University. As soon as I was accepted into the graphic design...
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    Current iPhone owners..What r u doing in June?

    i was all about upgrading until i saw some of the rumor photos/articles. most are probably fake and thats what keeps me holding on to the idea of getting the new 3g. Here are my 3g rumor gripes: 1. i don't like the shiny black plastic idea-- scratches, fingerprints, cheap-looking. 2. i don't...
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    June 27th - iPhone 3G Release

    okay, it's been ages since i've been on this forum. the initial excitement over the 1st iPhone is what got me here...i came back to see if it's still here a yr later for the new iPhone. June 27th is my best guess on the release date. It's the last Friday in June and is within the time frame AT&T...
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    Sept 5th event *Rumors*

    that was what the "supposedly" was trying to circumvent. i should know better than to expect everyone to read the post before responding...
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    Poll: Have you done any mods?

    lets see some screenshots...
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    Sept 5th event *Rumors*

    Just curious what you think of the following supposedly confirmed sept 5th topics: 1. iPhone nano 2. new ipod wifi touchscreen 3. new ipod nano (confirmed photos are out there) 4. iTunes vending machines 5. iPhone ringtones through iTunes (pretty much confirmed)
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    iSkin Revo and iPhone Proximity Sensor

    Where did everyone find iSkin Revos that are shipping so quick (off their site?) Because I tried ordering from macmall and they wont be shipping until aug 31..WTF? :foot:
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    How Long Did You Wait?

    me either, this was a 1st for me. i can't even tell you how excited i was on iDay. i knew i wouldn't stay overnight--that was my limit.
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    For does of you that have broken screens

    blackberry screens are plastic for one thing. and another. i am SO TIRED of people not taking responsibility for their actions. this is BS sammyb. quit blaming Apple for your wife dropping the phone. yes it sucks, but thats not Apples fault. it's your wife's fault. :angry: if you bought $600...
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    How Long Did You Wait?

    and why haven't you changed your avatar? effin biz markie man!