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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.0.2 Discussion

    that was there, i used it last week....
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    Found iPhone, cannot return

    if it were my iPhone i'd be really upset, why not turn it in to att and they can find the owner based on the phone number that the phone has. all they do is look up the bill with that number. its kinda shady to just take someones iPhone that they probably are frantically looking for.
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    Carrier Logo Request Thread

    Could you make one for me with the Apple logo and the "Schizzle" after it in that cool graffiti font? like the one attached and also one of the Ohio University Logo with "Bobcats" written in the same graffiti font? Thank you soo much
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    iPhone mods - anyone have problems doing them?

    is the prefix of the .png file the same as the .png that your trying to change? it has to be the exact same file name. case-sensitive. Also, are you using OSX or windows? because i had trouble using my Mac so i modded my whole phone using manzana on my PC.
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    my mods
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    how did you center the field test and pref icons? i have mine modded the same way but i want those centered. thanks
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    Anyone else noticed this? Kind of cool...kind of.

    i got a call while i was reading this topic and im using edge. I was also listening to red hot chili peppers. When i hung up, the music kicked right bavk on and popped right back up. No problems with edge and receiving calls. __________________________ sent from my iPhone =]
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    Does your Phone do this?

    mine does it. i have a feeling its just the way its put together. its fine im sure
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    The Ultimate iPhone Software Update Discussion Thread

    wouldn't her cousin's sister be her cousin? because I'm pretty sure that my cousins brother is my cousin too.... DE-Da-DE!
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    So in theory... If 2 ppl have TTY turned on they could text without SMS charges.... But i guess it would be pointless because you still have to call them then type instead of talk
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    This is just killing me

    ^^^^^^ it doesn't mean they are built it the USA.... they aren't built at the Apple headquarters, they are built in factories overseas because its cheaper
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    Just downloaded iTunes 7.3.1

    your wasting our time and posting space
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    USA Spec IPOD Interface - Car Stereo hook up

    no, why would it? its just a 1/8" headphone jack that plugs into the back of a aftermarket car stereo AUX port, so its not using the 30 pin port on the phone. as far as the phone knows, its just headphones
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    The Ultimate iPhone Software Update Discussion Thread

    a software update is not really a big deal that they have to keep secret, but its also not a big deal to the point where they need to put out a press release about it. Everyone knows they will happen eventually, especially with a new product, they have to start putting out updates every couple...
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    Gmail sends sent mail back to inbox

    do you still have it set to sync with your computer? i had to turn that off in iTunes for mine to work, because if it syncs, it overrides the set up that you did