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    seidio customer service

    mine covers half the camera hole
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    seidio customer service

    so i just bought a seidio case and the camera hole doesn't line up with the camera on the iPhone argh so ive emailed seidio and pmed seidioseidio on this board to no avail... ive heard the customer service is soo good this and that, so far that hasn't been the case with me... any ideas?
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    agent 18 owners in here. Questions about agent 18

    yeah what does the black adapter fit?
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    Help... I lost my iPhone

    i would guess thats its gone and sold on fleabay right now finding an iPhone in a cab or whatever is the same as finding 300 dollars cash...
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    AC Charger

    hmmm i left mine plugged in for a week and it stopped working also....and Apple is sending me a new one
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    How long did it take Apple to fix your iPhone?

    it was pretty much next day air shipped me temp phone, next day air to them and then next day air back...gave me a new one
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    I have an unlocked iPhone

    i second this....who the heck cares...mine works just fine with AT&T
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    iskin revo top piece a little crooked?

    ok i guess i feel less bad if they are all or mostly like this...what poor quality control for a 40 dollar case
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    iskin revo top piece a little crooked?

    this is my SECOND iskin revo after explaining and complaining that the first one's top piece was crooked. by top piece i mean the top colored portion. the fit is otherwise great and it works well but what gives? anyone else have this? are they all like this?
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    dead pixel question...

    it is a permanent white spec...small but noticeable mine is in the black area underneath calculator and notes ive checked my photos and other things with black background and this spot stays calling Apple service...
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    dead pixel question...

    this is kind of dumb... i think i might have a dead pixel because at the home screen (where all the icons are) there seems to be a tiny tiny white spot... but when i use the stuck pixel tester found here all of the colors come...
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    cleaning the screen with some rubbing alcohol?

    is cleaning the screen with some rubbing alcohol safe? i assumed it would be since the screen is made of glass i feel it helps remove some of the oil...
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    How many of you have sent yours in for service?

    got it back today, they didn't bother to fix mine, they just gave me a new one:laugh2: although it is a 7 series screen, the screen looks pretty good and there arent any fit and finish problems with dead pixels or light coming out of the sides:2cool:
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    How many of you have sent yours in for service?

    just wondering (i know the turnaround is quick) i heard some people got new ones...i have a great 5 series screen and hope they fix mine without touching the screen (or screwing anything else up for that matter) my iPhone gets confused sometimes....when i take out the headphones it still...
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    iskin revo privacy film leaving screen sticky?

    what i meant to say is i think alcohol cleans it TOO well, squeaky clean doesn't allow for much of a smooth glide