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    Is this ever going to happen?

    Really, a hoax, I have never heard or even thoght for a moment that this is just a prank. I do not think that with so much buz about this that this is a big let down, I will be doing my research to see what I can find.
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    How many will Apple Sell?

    Well of course Apple will be able to sell whatever they decide to put out, that is what I believe anyways, but so much people are waiting for the next big and best thing that they will buy just about anything, me being one of them.
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    Where do you vacation?

    I don't vacation much, always too busy working, and I do have a beach house in jersey that I hardly ever go to, so that says a lot, but I do like to go camping, so I am hoping that I can maybe do that in the near future.
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    What is your occupation?

    I wanted to know what does everyone here do to earn a living, I am currently a pre paid legal, its not exactly exciting but, it pays the bills and the people I work with are great.
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    Buying off eBay?

    A bit of advice from me, if you are buying it used, do not do it. A friend of mine did purchase one because he could not afford the high price that the stores were pricing it for and he was better off buying it new.
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    Mac or PC

    ibaby has a point, they are both negatives and positives towards the mac and the pc, but if I had to choose sorry , I am going to go with microsoft, thats what im really familiar with and used to but Apple does have some good stuff.
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    Bulls = Are Back? (NBA)

    Well I am not that much into basketball like I used to be, and besides, the bulls will never be what they used to, without jordan, scottie and the old team, its not woth watching, but thats just my opinion.
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    I can not wait until this system comes out, I mean I have an x-box, but its not as good as my ps2 and I did not even bother with the 360, looked like a hunk of junk, so I am saving for the ps3, no matter how much it costs, its going to be well worth it!
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    Anyone seen the new iPod Jeans?

    ROTFLMAO! Sorry, but i thought the original poster was joking around, until i clicked on the link. But seriously, who's going to buy these? I can only see teeny boppers wearing those and thinking its cool.
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    Will you buy an iPhone?

    Guys I didn't even know that this existed until now, wow, got here by accident, but i'll stick around, I have been reading and sorta getting familiar with this phone and Im sold, now I want one,lol.