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    No sound after I remove headphones!

    I had the same problem once, the actual fix is to plug the headphones back in , actually stop your media from playing(in some cases press play and then pause) then take your headphones out.
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    ModMyiPhone down. Other options?

    funny, i too got addicted to checking that site for updated skins. i guess they need a nother server for people like us:laugh2:
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    Modded iPhone headphones

    i did the same thing, the Apple headphones bruised my ear. only took about 20 minutes. modded my sony noise cancelling. now the iPhone is even more "perfecter":laugh2:
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    talking and listening to music

    LMAO, "i got a little bored".....good times
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    my iPhone is on my farmers insurance for $13 year with no deductible.
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    Who LOVES their iPhone?

    when i activated my phone the first time, i made the mistake of activating the sim under my wife's number, well after a weekend of dealing with att reps that thot the sim was an Apple sim......i convinced my rep to take a look. we pulled the sim out and just like you said....a blue 3g att sim...
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    Watching movies on iPhone

    i have the dvd, i used wondershare dvd-to-iphone converter....i broke down and bought it..i couldnt find a decent crack. superman returns looks great btw.
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    Crazy issue I discovered with my iPhone

    my cingualar/att phones have always done this....though i didn't used the net on with the net, the phone makes that noise all the time
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    Watching movies on iPhone

    matrix reloaded nacho libre office space superman returns mitch hedberg stand up dave chappelle stand up t.i. music video im a movie nut, so i watch all of those movies....(i have about 15 converted now) i swap a lot. heh, by the time i get to the movie part of my "demonstration", people...
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    Anyone else have this problem converting DVD's to your iPhone?

    i use wondershare dvd to iPhone, and it works like a charm. i need the movies, it's one of my biggest wow a pc owner btw.
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    iPhone Maps only shows 10 pin points, while shows a lot more!

    i was wondering if that would happen, but i didn't think to test it. i thot the google maps was stupid, but i find myself using it all the time to look up numbers. did you type the location in the same way on both?
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    My iPhone questions...please answer.

    1.) no they are not, i know because, i replaced my sim after having all my music, movies, contacts etc... and no change, just my phone number. 2.) rep told me they would, but i don't own an ipod...well, i do now:laugh2: 3.) yup, the e will be changed to a fan looking thing. 4.) don't know
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    any news on how many

    yeah, "direct fulfill" is what she said...i don't intend to take advantage of that anyway.
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    any news on how many

    my two stores say they think they wont sell out friday, and that if they do, Apple is having them do phone orders and that the phone orders will take 2-3 days to get to your home....we'll see...
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    No iTunes Ringtones - Thoughts

    im sure there will be a hack