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    email smtp

    I'm not sure if you guys are having the same issues i had. i could receive e-mail but not send. i was using an extra e-mail addy i had from my earthlink pop account. but give this a try, on the outgoing settings, on the "user name" setting ( instead of just the name of the account) use the...
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    Who LOVES their iPhone?

    i absolutely love my phone, hands down the best phone out there. little flaws but nothing that cant be fixed, Great job Steve:smile:
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    E-mail issue

    OK i had the same issue with my pop account, i could not send e-mail.. the fix? well, simple... on the outgoing side, under the "user name" put your entire email address. that fixed my issue. good luck.
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    Just out of curiosity... people have problems with the sound

    every function, (I.E. speaker, phone and music) had a separate volume function. you have to turn it up individually. good luck.
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    Charging the battery

    try this... before you charge you iPhone, put it in airplane mode, that will kill the wi-fi and cell phone. it seems to charge faster. good luck.
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    Getting a Full Charge?

    So far ive had not had a problem. Was fully charged in no time ans ive been out all day at the mall. Battery life seems to be fine. Found a hot-spot and this post is from my iPhone. Good luck all.
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    4 GB or 8 GB? what you gettin?

    8 for me! i want as much space as i can get.
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    Who's going to sleep tonight?

    ill sleep like a baby, worked 16 hours today and just got home. but ill be up bright and early Fri, i want my i phone.:laugh2:
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    MY WIFE IS GOING TO KILL ME! (Anyone else in the same boat?)

    My wife is kool with me getting the iPhone, but she is sick of all the talk about it. lol.
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    Keeping your iPod?

    i currently have an 80 gig ipod. i am going to keep it, its nice to have my complete archive on an ipod and keep just what i want on the iPhone.
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    4GB or 8GB?

    8 Gig for shure.
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    Who is using what?

    I'm stuck with the windows platform till my next machine(Prob a laptop), It will a Mac, I'm Tired of windows.
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    iPhone on target for end of June

    Doh! had to shoot my hopes and dreams down didn't you, lol.
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    iPhone on target for end of June

    Rumors might have it being released in April. But who knows. We all can only hope.
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    Will you be getting an iPhone?

    i will be getting one ASAP! i am currently eligible for a cingular upgrade ATM. i hope that the rumor is true that Apple will be releasing the phone in April instead of June...