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    After update Won't charge/recognize USB plugged in

    Thanks for the Thank is for the reply. I'm gonna have to find a cord somewhere to buy to try. It's strange because it does notice something being plugged in I'm guessing the cord isn't completely dead. So I do have the dilemma that I can't restore it via iTunes since my pc doesn't recognize it...
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    Speck Candyshell - dupes?

    i do like that actually. Of course the speck to me is much more stylish, but this doesn't look quite as bulky? I'm gonna get somekind of cheap but hopefully safe case and wait.
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    After update Won't charge/recognize USB plugged in

    Wasn't sure if I should post this here or in the normal iPhone thread. Feel free to move if needed. So I updated my iPhone 4 (32g) the night before last. It charged fine that night, all the jazz. So last night I go to plug it in, and nothing happens. No vibrate, no charge nothing. It didn't...
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    Cracked Glass 4s - Where Should I Repair?

    I want to say really helpful tutorials oh how to replace the glass as well.
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    Speck Candyshell - dupes?

    Hey! So I pretty come down to the Speck Candyshell being my favorite iPhone case. However it is still kinda bulky. I was curious if anyone knew of a dupe: hard case on the outside, soft silicone/rubber inside.
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    Looks like AT&T will keep unlimited data for IP5 users

    I also thought they would take me off unlimited. However I'm not sure how quickly I'll be able to get the new iPhone anywho, haha.
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    Will Verizon iPhone hurt Droid sales?

    I'm sure verizon will prbly just announce they will carry the iPhone at a future date. They don't have to say it's the iPhone 5, but they can still give dates and information. I was gonna say I remember watching a (rather interesting) documented about the moon landing conspiracy. I think it's...
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    What is your occupation?

    I work for an amazing online modern fabric store, and do hair (I have my cosmetology license) on the side.
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    iPhone 4 sucks?

    Had mine since august and still good. You prbly have bad lick with them :(
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    What's everybody's new year resolution?

    I have 5: get back down to the size I use to be (I gain about 2 clothes sizes over this year. Eep.) have atleast 10 items listed for sale on etsy, record an ep, get a worthy cosmetology portfolio together and to work in a salon atleast part time. Most of these should be done while living in...
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    Wife dropped her three day old iPhone

    It really doesn't take much to break the screen. It's all in how it falls and where the impact is concentrated.
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    Real Camera Lenses For Your iPhone!

    The ones I got seem okay. My favorite is the fisheye one. All the fisheye apps I've used never quite look real. But for the rest I think the lens apps do about the same. I mostly use hipstamatic app anyways so the filters I got are mostly just to play around with
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    Netflix: Anyone try it on iPhone 4?

    Hey! i'm a chick and was ridiculously stoked on this app. It'll be great for trips, bad boring parties...waiting rooms? Anytime I don't wanna load up my laptop. I will find reasons just to use it. haha. It makes it easier that we don't have cable at my house. I only got to play with it a...
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    iPhone photo app with clone tool

    I couldn't swore I saw an app that ha that. You can look at morebeaute (I think it's called that) or facefinish that helps smooth images. Maybe give them a try?
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    iPhone 4 Indestructible? LOL!

    I dropped my 3GS a lot. Finally one day it fell face first onto concrete and shattered/spiderwebbed the whole screen. Like what was said above, it's all about how it hits. The phone must have hit at the right spot right time to do that