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    iTunes iPhone backup

    Yeah, my iTunes updates take (literally) as long as 20 minutes. Very very poor design on Apple's part. Why the hell would I want to back up everything on my iPhone, when it's already on my hard drive? I thought the whole idea of "syncing" was only updating what has changed..? Very stupid...
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    Anyone remember me?

    Well, most of the best stuff came with the 2.0 software, definitely. The GPS is sweet as hell, I must say, and the 3G is ridiculously fast....but, the apps are the best part.
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    Anyone remember me?

    I was a major poster here, before the iPhone initial launch in '07. Kinda lost touch after that. (too busy playing with my iPhone). Well, got my 3G iPhone today. G*d d*mn, this thing is amazing. That is all. Thanks. lol
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    Speakerphone volume: Think about it...

    Makes sense, actually. Nice post. ;)
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    Apple faces mounting complaints on iPhone battery

    I agree with you, for the most part. Unfortunately, your "average" consumer won't know that the battery isn't swappable, and won't know about the charges associated with replacing it, either. Good thing is, most people that are interested in this phone, are gonna upgrade to something else way...
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    Need to exchange my iPhone - question

    When they send you a temp. phone / replacement phone, full instructions will be included. When you pull the SIM card from your old phone and insert it into the new one, it will carry your phone number and plan information, with it.
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    Screen Issues....

    man, seems like more and more people are reporting this problem.... I'm sorry you guys are having trouble, but I really really hope I don't have to go through this. :(
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    What is visual voicemail?

    I never even thought of that. Indeed, that is the best part about visual voicemail. Having to listen to some stupid long-ass explanation that you have one stupid message, was so annoying. I hate how they talk all slow and stuff, trying to make sure you understand them. I SPEAK ENGLISH...
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    State Farm Offering Insurance for iPhone

    I wonder if they'd let me get a discount on my auto insurance, if I sign up for this? lol
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    talking and listening to music

    Speakerphone maybe? lol
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    talking and listening to music

    Yeah, he's right. You can actually listen to music while on the phone.
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    Radio frequency disturbance? How safe is the iPhone?

    This is something that has gone on for YEARS with GSM phones. I suggest putting the phone in "Airplane Mode" while you sleep.
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    Would the Apple store exchange my scratched phone?

    I got mine replaced (for a legitimate reason) and I was sent no refurb.