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    Happy with Apples stance.

    I'm not impressed. Four of us where I work and we all get the death grip. Three to four bars normally, goes down to 'Searching...' when we hold our phones with our left hand. Oh, and none of us called Apple Care. You don't call tech support when you already know they aren't going to help you...
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    I have 4.0 (GM) What's new?

    I have the 4.0 GM and I'm thinking about putting it on my iPhone 3G, the only thing is that I'm selling it soon and I'd like to sell it as a 3.1.2 so no one buying will realise the baseband has (probably) been upgraded. Is it possible to downgrade to 3?
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    FaceTime - Go on, let's open a can of worms!

    The one thing that really got up my nose about the iPhone 4 presentation was where Jobs was talking about video chat as if it hadn't already been out for years, that kind of stuff really gets on my nerves, like when my boss goes around bragging about new initiatives when everybody knows they...
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    Phone upgrade roadmap

    I'm actually in the UK so it wouldn't be 24 months, it would be 18 months. And I definitely wouldn't be getting any WinMo phone with 6.5 on it, it'd certainly be a wait to 7 which is the time problem. I've just got a new job since I posted this actually so I will probably be getting the iPhone...
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    Phone upgrade roadmap

    Do any of you plan your upgrades around phones that are long in the distance like me. I'm on a 3G right now but the next phone I want is a Windows Phone but I know that even with MS's strict hardware requirements the manufacturers will still find a way of cheaping out and fudging up the early...
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    Apple the smartass and you are the dumbass!

    I'm not sure what I thought of the new phone, I'd certainly say it came from Apple but I wouldn't be certain that it's the finished look of the new device, they could change it or they may release prototypes that function the same but look different just to make sure that it remains a...
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    Next Gen iPhone Getting Apple A4 Processor?

    The A4's more than a CPU though, and it provides more than double the processing power you'd find in an iPhone 3GS. Since Apple went out and designed their own chip for the iPad I'd be more surprised if they didn't rip out the guts of the iPhone and make their own changes if that's the direction...
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    If Apple doesn't do something great with the 2010 iPhone..

    Video chatting honeslty isn't all that good, I had a phone with a front-facing camera for years and also a bunch of mates who I could video chat with. Aside from an initial fiddle just to see what it was like I never used it again nor felt the desire to. How often are you talking to somebody and...
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    If Apple doesn't do something great with the 2010 iPhone..

    Asides from a front facing camera (which I don't think will happen) I can't really think of any hardware changes Apple could make that would be marketable to the iPhone's non-geeky market. OLED won't mean anything to them, and since the 3GS is still one of the fastest phones on the market it...
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    Windows Phone 7 Series

    Out of curiosity what's so good about the experience? The integration between my PC and my iPhone was a step down from what I was used to with my Nokia, is there something different or is it just that not a lot of things will talk to a Mac?
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    Windows Phone 7 Series

    It won't, WP7 won't be out for about nine months and the HD2 won't be eligible because the MS required spec sheet also dictates buttons and screen aspect ratio. I assume they're prepping consistency for an app store, good move I guess. HTC will be flooding the market with WP7 phones though...
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    Definitely underwhelmed

    Without a decent way of handling files I'll never own one. I don't know why Apple think everybody sits around in the living room looking at photos but I don't give a **** about how nicely I can look at photos, I'd hardly ever do it unless I'm out. The rest of the time the photos I want people to...
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    Windows Phone 7 Series

    MS will have a hard line minimum spec sheet for a device to run Windows Phone 7 on it which is something I though Android should have been doing all along. MS have been on a roll lately and as a company I much prefer MS over Apple, you wouldn't find them blocking out users because they rooted...
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    Which iPad will you purchase?

    If I was going to buy it (I'm not) I'd be getting the wifi 16gb version and I'd tether it to my iPhone. The only place I could imagine using 3G on it would be when I was the passenger on a long car journey. As mentioned earlier, I'm finding the pricing a little odd. It starts at $499, so why...
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    Jobs calls Tablet "the most important thing I've ever done"?

    This is coming from a guy who describes almost every product and product update as 'revolutionary'. I'm not gonna get too excited, anything that was that amazing that could be done on a tablet could probably be done on either a MacBook or the iPhone. If there is any truth in this statement I'd...