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    Connect to iTunes to enable YouTube?

    John, I'm not seeing "Youtube activation" on installer. What's the source?
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    Connect to iTunes to enable YouTube?

    No suggestions?
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    Connect to iTunes to enable YouTube?

    Ever since I soft-upgraded to 1.1.3 via the dev team installer, my youtube doesn't work. When I touch "YouTube" it says "You must first connect to iTunes with an internet connection to enable YouTube." Do they disable YouTube if you're on 1.1.3 and not on the newest baseband? I've searched...
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    How to Hack the Demo's to Full Version!

    You can buy a $400 (maybe $600) phone but can't afford to shell out a few bucks for an app that you like?
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    2 girls 1 ringtone?

    Yes, do not research the video any further. Leave it be and pretend you never heard of it.
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    might be old but just found something neat in Safari :)

    yes, it's been a feature since Day One, but comes in super handy.
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    disk mode? no, drag and drop? YES

    You can't do this with any podcasts though.
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    To those who were having iPhone crashes with Summerboard

    Ok thanks. I'll try turning off the Wallpaper dimming in SMBprefs and see if that helps.
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    To those who were having iPhone crashes with Summerboard

    Are you saying it was the dimming or the new theme?
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    Google Video Works on Your iPhone

    Aren't there 2 buttons right next to the search button that says "all videos" or "videos hosted by google"?
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    Gmail goes IMAP

    And for those who are visual learners.
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    Gmail goes IMAP

    Taken from here : As we roll out the feature over the next couple of days, you will be able to use Gmail at work, in your car, or just about anywhere on any device, and actions you take will be automatically synced with Gmail on the web (and remember it works the other way too: anything you...
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    iPhone apps downloader

    I don't think he can do that since the OP said Installer had been moved off his springboard and he can't scroll down to it
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    new iPhone commercials

    I really think the older "demonstration ads" were better. I think showing the iPhone in action is much more of a seller than just saying "I can combine my pda, iPhone, cell phone, etc" into one device. The first thing that people say to me when they see that I have one is, "show me the flip...
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    How to stream music from iPhone to Xbox 360?

    Awesome that you know but could you maybe let others know?