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    1.1.3 Jailbreak released!

    So can this be done if you have already upgraded to 1.1.3?
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    Which case should I get?

    I have been torn between which case to get. I like all of them a ot and have done my research. I just would like some opinions on these cases! I have 3 flip cases, but have never used or had a flip case before. I really don't know if I will like it or not. That is why I have the Vaja i-volution...
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    [Icons] Louie Mantia's Replacement Set

    Very nice! Thanks for posting!
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    Icons for 1.1.1 after modding

    Your PM box is full so I am posting it here. Let me know if you need any help... PM I tried to send you: Yes it works with 1.1.1! Download it here. Oh and just FYI, sorry I haven't gotten back to you on the jailbreaking stuff. I have been extremely busy lately and haven't had time to do...
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    Customize doesn't work with 1.1.1?

    You have to launch Customize 4 times before it loads properly on 1.1.1...Everything works fine with Customize except or rSBT, it crashes periodically so that needs to be fixed.
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    Summerboard themes and 1.1.1

    You need to install SummerBoard using Installer and then overwrite with the manual installation files and change permissions to 0755.
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    Summerboard 1.1.1

    When I install Customize 1.1.3 and try to run it, the program flashes the "Spicy Chicken Logo" and then crashes. Any ideas on how to fix that? Do you have to install it and then overwrite the files manually like you have to do for SummerBoard?
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    Summerboard 1.1.1

    It worked! Thanks for the help!
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    Summerboard 1.1.1

    I got everything working and broken out of jail. I have manually installed SummerBoard. My problem is that I can't download any SummerBoard Themes because it says I need to install SummerBoard. If I install SummerBoard from Installer, it moves the dock and 4 icons to the top of the iPhone. I...
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    Summerboard 1.1.1

    I know it is attached, but where is this file located? Just wondering! :wink:
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    Summerboard 1.1.1

    It sounds like we will have to wait on it to be final! I'm going to bed, but thanks for the help! :laugh2:
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    Summerboard 1.1.1

    Correct! I am doing everything right except with the might be corrupted like x said do I'm going to re-download it. EDIT: I GOT SUMMERBOARD WORKING AFTER RE-DOWNLOADING FROM THERE WEBSITE! Now what about Customize? Is that working yet or not?
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    Summerboard 1.1.1

    I tried that and it does the same thing. I restart my iPhone and it just stays on the black screen with the silver Apple logo on it. When I rename the original plist back it boots. Any suggestions? I have changed all the permissions on everything to 0755. I am just have trouble with the...
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    Summerboard 1.1.1

    I just want SummerBoard to work...I did everything just the same as you did and it's not working.
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    Summerboard 1.1.1

    Whenever I replace the and set permissions to 0755, I restart my iPhone and it won't boot back up. It's not a big deal because all I have to do is restore, but why is my iPhone doing this? I know it has something to do with SummerBoard Alpha release because the...