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    Car Symbol in Maps

    Basically, it REDRAWS the map with GREEN, YELLOW, or RED lines to indicate traffic conditions. "What do the colors represent on the traffic data? If available in your area, real-time traffic conditions will be displayed over the highway as color coded lines. Each color...
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    iPhone doesn't charge at wall outlet

    The problem of not being able to charge with the AC adaptor just happened to me. Whether it's coincidental with the 1.0.1 firmware upgrade which I just did, who knows! But in my case, I allowed the iPhone to reach a FULL charge via the USB port. Then this morning I tried plugging it back into...
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    Speakerphone volume: Think about it...

    Maybe a solution to the "bottom speaker-too-close-to-mic" problem is to add a second speaker to the top edge of the phone, or boost the audio output of the surface slit "earpiece" speaker when the phone is used in speakerphone mode. Also, having the second speaker (with spatial distance from...
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    Anyone else see how pointless "Slide to Unlock" is?

    Or double-press the sleep/wake or home button.
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    Possible to ignore a certain WiFi connection?

    Is there a way to see a list of all the WiFi access points "remembered" in the iPhone and manage that list? It seems the only way to selectively "forget" or delete from memory a WiFi AP is to be currently connected to it. Suppose I want to forget a particular WiFi hot spot at some airport or...
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    iPhone Features Requests

    1. Ability to send a PIX message directly (not an email with picture attachment). Ability to receive PIX message as well (not just email with picture attachment). 2. Ability to check TXT or PIX message delivery status (whether the message was received successfuly by the other end, or not...time...
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    Movie shows up in iTunes but doesn't get sync'd?

    same problem here... Despite the videos I want to sync are Quicktime movies, while syncing iTunes popped up a message that said something to the effect that some video file(s) are not compatible on iPhone and were not synced. Huh? APPLE Quicktime NOT compatible on APPLE iPhone?!
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    iPhone leaking electrical current?

    Leaking current? Try this: 1. Hold in one hand your iPhone while it is plugged into its AC adaptor charger. 2. Touch and run your finger from your other hand across the silver-metallic surface of a plugged-in MacBook Pro (or Powerbook). Do you feel any vibes? The first time I experienced...
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    Gmail keeps loading old emails

    In my experience, by default, the mail feature will keep pulling down the 50 most recent messages from your gmail account inbox, whether those are new or old messages. So if you keep deleting messages off from iPhone, it will retrieve OLDER messages just to present you 50 constant messages on...