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    Verizon and FaceTime/iMessage

    I'm wondering if all of us are on unlimited data/text plans? It might have something to do with the way the account is configured?
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    Verizon and FaceTime/iMessage

    Not true - am using iMessage on my verizon iPhone 4 without any issues...FaceTime yes, that's only on wifi unless you jail break and use the app mentioned above by RoofMonkey..
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    Battery draining with everything off?

    Any definitive answers on this issue? I just upgraded my iPhone 4 to iOS5 and can barely make it through half a day...I used to be able to make it from 6am-9pm with almost 30% left usage hasn't changed at all and I'm not on wifi except briefly....I do know that the Skype app's latest...
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    Another ex-BB user question

    Yes, I have been in your exact shoes my friend! The only way to achieve this is to jail break and then use 'MyProfiles' does exactly what you stated. My issue was similar and I used that till I upgraded to iOS5...
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    Will iPhone 4S roam on Verizon

    I would highly doubt it since AT&T and Verizon are competitors...I agree though that it would be awesome..but I think the carrier might tack on a roaming fee for this...would be good to know though as then AT&T would be a viable option for me.
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    Different email signatures for different accounts?

    ^wow, glad I'm not the only one who feels the same reg email's a glaring oversight to try and push businesss features on a phone and yet not have something as simple as multiple email signatures.... however, the new iOS5 gives you the option to have keyboard can...
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    Need help with profiles for iPhone?

    That's one thing that I miss coming from a blackberry - most of the businesss apps have trials so you know if you will actually use them. Concept and actual use are two very different things. I'm glad there are more choices when it comes to the apps for the iPhone though! For now, Mirror Profile...
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    Need help with profiles for iPhone?

    I'm liking MP quite a bit. It's doing exactly what I need - you can set up different profiles and also add locations to auto-activate the profiles. However, that last feature I have not used yet so I cannot really confirm on how well it works or doesn't work. For now, I'm glad that my iPhone 4 now...
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    FileMail (and PhotoMail)

    Thanks for this! I have been looking for something that will help me attach files to replies/forwards and this should do just fine :)
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    Need help with profiles for iPhone?

    Thanks - this a great suggestion/app. The issue I can foresee is if I don't have all events on a calendar but I will give it a go. For now, I started using a new app Mirror Profile which actually has a 15-day trial. It seems to be doing the task for now...however have noticed reboots after I...
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    Need help with profiles for iPhone?

    It was too buggy for me and no matter what I did, the rules never kicked in so I deleted it. Thanks for the reply though and I LOVE the profile pic ;)
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    Need help with profiles for iPhone?

    Hi, I apologise if this has been covered before but I need the ability to create profiles on my iPhone 4. Let me first explain what I need: at night, I would like the phone to be completely silent except for receiving phone calls and texts. The calls bit is very important for me as there are times...
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    Can you help identify this status bar icon?

    sorry that was vague...I was referring to the little tilted phone icon on the top right with the tiny red x on the corner...
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    Can you help identify this status bar icon?

    I tried searching but have not found this anywhere....I saw this icon when I got up yesterday morning. Phone was on charger and almost completely charged. Went away after 30 or so minutes. Today again the same thing; this time I remembered to take a screen shot. Anyone know what this is? it's...
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    Which GPS/Navigator app is the best for the iPhone 4?

    Thanks..I guess I will give it a go.