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    Battery Life On First Gen iPhone

    I am getting way better life on the 3GS then with my 3G. The S lasts all day and one phone call does not kill the battery... Very happy so far.
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    Selective incoming call feature?

    Brat, relax. If he had not given you or whomever the solution, don't you think I would have? Or would you have me repeat the solution just to make you happy.?:2cool:
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    Selective incoming call feature?

    WOW... that is just how I do it. Goose bumps...:smile:
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    For those who upgraded from 3G to 3G S

    Worth every penny and would do it again.
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    Turn by Turn GPS

    MapQuest has a FREE app. If you open a free account on the mapquest web site it will communicate to your iPhone. I think it is great. for free...
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    Maps have become much more accurate!

    I have to agree, my 3G never could get the exact address and most often was one street off. But the 3G S nails the exact address.
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    Ok, so I jumped...

    Connect the iPhone directly to your PC and it would be a good thing if your USB was version 2.
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    iPhone 3G S, Was a worthwhile upgrade?

    Yes, so worth the money.
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    Anyone else have a flawless 3GS?

    Perfect My iPhone was delivered early on Friday morning and activation took all of a half hour. I did turn m phone off then on again and BAM service was there. I love the G3 S so far and am very happy with it.:laugh2:
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    Hence I went to the Apple store.
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    iTunes 7.7 available in a few hours; could 2.0 be next ?

    I just logged in to my Mac account at 8:42pm Pacific time. I would think I should not have been able to do that.
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    Apple: iTunes 7.7 available "in a few hours"

    Seems the earliest, for those of us who live in hope, would be 9pm Pacific time which of course is midnight Eastern time. Or a whole 24 hours more to fit with the NZ release. But my fingers are crossed.
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    Has anyone changed the battery?

    I took my iPhone in to the Apple store and they just replaced the entire phone.
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    What did you get with your Apple Rebate?

    2 foot iMac Ordering a 2 foot iMac 2.8 gig... had two rebates.
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    $4,800 phone bill from a turned off iPhone out of the country

    don't count me Don't count me in your Apple tally... thanks..