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    Saving a Word file

    Mate just download the app i-annotate and when you open the word document tell it to open in i-annotate, then you can edit it and so on and re-save it. I do this all the time with word and pdf's. Sent using iCafe app
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    How do i create a sub folder for music videos in iTunes?

    I have about 300 music videos in the music videos folder. How do i create sub folders under this folder so that i am able to sort the videos better? Sent using iCafe app
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    iPad 1 keeps dropping out

    Good question mate, but no, i don't think that is the issue as it does it whether i am at home on the wifi or traveling and on the 3G.
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    iPad 1 keeps dropping out

    By dropping out, i mean that no matter what App or other program i am in such as Safari or such it would unexpectadly drop the program and return to the front page you see when you turn the ipad on. There is no time limit or anything as to when it happens. My wife also has an ipad 1 and hers has...
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    iPad 1 keeps dropping out

    What's with the fact that you cant update the ipad 1 to IOS6. I am sure that is the problem. Does anyone have advice? Other than to toss it. I am giving it to my son and updating to a ipad 4.