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    Group messaging

    Still..Apple should be able to take a thread and keep in or not Sent from my iPhone
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    Group messaging

    Sounds like although we're able to group text, Apple is still a log way in perfecting it. What good is a group thread when it opens a separate thread when everyone responds Sent from my iPhone
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    Finding photo duplicates that's visually identical

    I have over 50 GBs of photos and I would like to organize them. Some has the same file name and most have different file names but looks identically the same. What free software can I download to look for these duplicates and erases them. I think it's now about time to clean up all my duplicate...
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    Changing song title in our iPhones..please help

    I was afraid of that. How about my question on having multiple artist for one song? Do you know how I can fix that? Sent from my iPhone
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    Changing song title in our iPhones..please help

    I have lots of songs that itunes cannot get track names. So when I scroll through my songs on my phone it looks like the photo attached. The only song info I really want is the title of the song and the artist. Is there a way where we can edit song info from our iPhones? So that when we plug it...
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    iPhone 6s rumor mill

    Wow I guess I don't notice this because I don't have lots of safari pages open at the same time. I also make it a habit to close all my background apps. I guess having more RAM would be great. That force touch technology for the iWatch doesn't sound too shabby either. [emoji106] Sent from my...
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    What would you like to see from iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus?

    I would like to see vast improvement on the native apps. Like how are we still not able to add groups in our contacts app without having to go in our computers to make them? How about the photos app?? I have so much folders of pictures, there must be a better way to organize them in our...
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    iPhone 6s rumor mill

    2GB of ram?!? Honestly I think the iPhone already is fast and smooth. How would 2GB of RAM improve the phone? Anyone? Sent from my iPhone
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    Native calendar app able to zoom on your day view

    I just found out that you're able to pinch to zoom on your calendar in day view. Fyi to everyone that did not know this Sent from my iPhone
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    Apps for Health App?

    Try Myfitnesspal to track nutrition. It works great Sent from my iPhone
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    DayOne Journaling app and dictation

    I'm a thorough user of the DayOne app and I use it all the time. I wanted to know if the dictation feature in the iPhone gets better in time. It's not as accurate as I would like it to be and I want enter my journal entries purely with dictation to save myself time and headache of typing...
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    Put songs in my new iPhone 6

    I have an external hardrive that I would like to use as a storage for all my songs but it seems like I have music on my laptop and my external drive. Now I don't know if they're duplicates. Should I just uninstall iTunes and install it again? Sent from my iPhone
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    Put songs in my new iPhone 6

    I'm trying to put songs in my new iPhone but I'm unable to because iTunes tries to backup my iPhone in my computer and there's no more room since its a MacBook Air. Tried iCloud and there's no room there either. What can I do? Is there anyway to increase storage capacity of my MacBook Air...
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    Does anybody else's 6/6+ crash their router?

    Why not get a newer router especially now everything is pretty much on sale during the holidays Sent from my iPhone
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    Not to get ahead of myself, but the Apple Watch 2?

    Doubt it. I don't think they'll release an iWatch every year. Sent from my iPhone