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    iPhone 5 not till 2012?

    Surprisingly not disappointed with this possible delay. I love the design and build of my iPhone 4. It's one of the more beautiful things I've owned and I'm not anxious to give it up. I'm sure the ip5 will wow us with it's design and it's speed (with the a5 processor), with both things making it a...
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    iOS 4.3 Discussion Thread

    I just want something to notify me, not entertain me. The originals were absurdly long for their purpose and I had no idea what Apple was thinking when they made them.
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    Non-responsive home button

    Have posted this elsewhere but just spreading the word that Apple absolutely recognizes this as a hardware problem and replaces your phone with no questions asked. I didn't even have to demonstrate the issue to them.
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    Refurbished iPhone 4

    Was told at the Apple store when replacing my iPhone 4 that a refurb only reuses the 'motherboard', which I guess is basically the chip set. The battery and casing, etc are all new.
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    Home button stopped working

    This problem is/was more than a momentary pause or hesitation in response. It is no response at all no matter how long i waited after pressing home, sometimes repeatedly, or sometimes an incorrect response such as going to backgrounded apps after a single press. I lived with it for several...
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    Home button stopped working

    Had same problem. Called att who wanted me to reset everything to stock settings but when I balked admitted it was probably a hardware issue and set me up w an appt w a genius at the Apple store. They didn't even make me demonstrate the issue before completely replacing my phone. Bottom line-...
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    iPhone 5 to get aluminum back?

    Ah I dunno, I had the opportunity to hold a 3GS over the weekend and although I dearly love the gorgeous industrial art that is the iPhone 4, it felt great to re-experience that warm smooth worry-stone shape again.
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    Apple Is So Generous

    I got a replacement for my 4 when the home button began malfunctioning. The genius when asked said that they only reuse the 'motherboard'. The battery, screen, and casing are all new in a refurb.
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    iPhone 5 to get aluminum back?

    Not the most exciting or innovative design especially when compared to the iPhone 4, but in my opinion a very likely direction for them to take. Perhaps they have had enough of the headaches caused by their innovative designs. Seems likely they would need a non-metallic area for the antenna tho, a la...
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    iPad 2 VS Motorola Xoom. Which one will be better?

    Lol. The SD slot doesn't work. "Yet". M'kay :-D
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    iPad 2 VS Motorola Xoom. Which one will be better?

    Based on the reviews it sounds like the Xoom met my expectations: 'half-baked' lol. Beta software feel. Unfulfilled promises of flash and 4G. Slots that are there but don't work, 'yet'. Non-optimized browser. Even basic stuff like video isn't right with dropouts present. C'mon can you even...
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    What impressed you most about the iPad 2?

    I was impressed, once again, with Apples confidence and marketing savvy. Their upgrade was just enough to keep them way on top, but didn't give away much more than that. They will save the other stuff for the 3, the 4, etc, just like they did with the iPhone. Steve-o is absolutely right - the...
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    Shows empty untitled icons HELP

    Have u found a solution Thomas? I have the same problem having jb'd literally years ago and have been stuck w empty icons since. Full restore did not help. Is there a way to be rid of them without jb'g again?
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    Is AT&T pointing the finger at Apple for microcell issues?

    Yes yes this sometimes worked, but I haven't had to do that.
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    Is AT&T pointing the finger at Apple for microcell issues?

    Don't know if there have been more threads on this issue lately but just wanted to mention that I have not had this problem for several weeks now, neither on calls made nor received, nor when I was not right next to my microcell. I think something was fixed.