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    iMac Game Controller for iMac OSx Lion

    I use a stock DualShock 3 (PS3) since it uses the same standard Bluetooth as Macs, and has the best d-pad of all time. Software support via 3rd party driver.
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    Useful browser plug-ins

    OS X built-in spellchecking is good enough for me. I know Safari supports it, but I only use the others for CSS testing. My indispensable Safari plugins include (better YouTube layout), FacebookBlocker, and The Tracktor (Amazon price-over-time graph overlays). Also the System Prefpane...
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    Top 3 can't live without apps?

    GasBuddy gives a gps-based list or map of the cheapest gas prices nearby. Guidebook (formerly Conventionist) is invaluable when we are at conventions like Naka-Kon. Especially when events change the morning of, they were great about posting updates. Dropbox. Too popular? Still can't live...
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    iMac 'Quitting on Close'

    Safari always quits completely. If you are seeing phantom data use, my first suggestion would be iCloud. Otherwise, use Little Snitch to see what on your system is using bandwidth. If there is nothing significant, you might consider changing your wifi password or increasing its encryption strength.
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    Mountain Lion

    I think the refresh bug is a symptom of Lion's memory management, where instead of paging an app's active memory to disk, running apps are dynamically deallocated of RAM in safe areas. In this case, Safari's core code remains active, but pages are unloaded from memory, iOS style. I experience...
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