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    iCloud messed up my contacts

    My contacts got completely messed up on iCloud. I deleted the Backup Assistant app from my phone but would like to get it back on there. How do I do that? btw, my contacts are safe and sound on my phone. I just don't want to sync or back them up to what is presently "up" there because it will...
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    Phone call problem

    Thanks for the reply but it seems to be regardless of bars. I dial, timer starts running, but no sound. I dial again from the same spot and the call goes through just fine.
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    Phone call problem

    When I make a call, the first attempt results in the timer running but all I hear is dead air. Upon second try, call always goes through normally
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    Help with Spotify

    I am having trouble finding a source for loading Spotify Premium. Everything keeps offering free trial on Basic
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    Download Flickr photos?

    Thanks for the reply but I'm afraid that didn't get it. I am accessing my flickr via my phone and attempting to download to my phone. Getting it off flickr seems to be the tricky part.
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    Download Flickr photos?

    What is the process for downloading photos from my own Flickr site to my iPhone 4s?