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    Anywhere good to sell iPad?

    I agree with the $600 amount. I'm looking to get a used one myself, and that's about what i'd pay. If you're selling for $700, most people like me would rather just pony up the $50 extra to get it brand new. But if I can save $150...that's another story. Just my 2 cents
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    Official iPhone OS 3.1 Discussion

    Wow, thanks ! I'm not sure how useful this will be but I'm going to have fun playing with it.
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    Official iPhone OS 3.1 Discussion

    I'm on my phone and at work so forgive me is this has been asked. What does the following mean "Option to use Home button to turn on accessibility features on iPhone 3GS" I'm hoping it means there's a way to acces 3g settings and location services from the home screen. How do I get it to...
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    Scratches on 3GS Screen

    I had my V1 iPhone for almost 2 years with only 1 screen protector. I'm going naked again with this phone, but I agree with what someone said earlier about the 3gs screen being really smudgy. I thought this coating was supposed to help with that, but it seems like I am...
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    News: iPhone 3.0.1 Now Available, Fixes SMS Vulnerability

    I'm at work now so hopefully some of you guys will be kind enough to post details after updating.
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    News: App Store Bargain Hunter "The Price Is Right"

    Sweet , thanks for the headsup. My brother was playing that yesterday on his phone and I was thinking about dl it. This made that decision pretty easy.
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    iPhone Battery Question

    I'll just throw out props to my Juice Pack Air. Right now I have 8 hours 43 minutes of usage and 17 hours of standby since my last charge. Love not having to conserve my battery like I used too.
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    External battery for iPhone

    I just wrote about how happy I am with the Juice Pack Air in the Products section. Def something I would recommend
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    Best backup battery for the iPhone?

    My first full day with the Juice Pack Air and I couldn't be happier. Right now Im at 9 hours 34 minutes usage and exactly 24 hours standby and I still have 20% left. That includes taking 8 pictures, talking on the phone for at least 2 hours, surfing the net for hours at a time , playing an...
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    I was wondering (What do most iPhone users do ? )

    Have you heard of Steve Albini ? (He produced albums by Nirvana, The Pixies , and a million other bands) I've played poker at his house/studio a couple times. It is an amazing set up and a great place to hang out and play cards as well. There's actually a Vegas poker meet coming up in the...
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    I was wondering (What do most iPhone users do ? )

    I was curious, what kind of studio do you work in ? I'm sure you've mentioned it on here but I was out of the loop for awhile.
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    Best backup battery for the iPhone?

    I went to the Apple store today and got the Mophie Juice Pack. So far I'm impressed. It fits nice and snug around the phone and the weight doesn't really make it feel heavy , just more solid. The battery charges pretty slow if you use the phone while charging , but it does slowly make it's way...
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    I was wondering (What do most iPhone users do ? )

    Ok, so we all come to this forum to ask questions or find out info about our wonderful little toy. But can you imagine the hell that a lot of iPhone users have been through ? Two quick examples from my days in retail : 1. Older guy came in and I noticed he had an iPhone so we started...
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    Streaming podcasts over 3G rocks!

    Wow ... I don't know why I've never tried that before. I've been downloading the Adam Carolla podcast either I'm my house or at Starbucks every morning. Sometimes standing there for a good 5 minutes when the WIFI is acting up. Thanks for the heads up.