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    Overbooked Airlines

    I find this fascinating, really. I absolutely HATE to miss a flight and the thought of purposefully missing one makes my skin crawl. ;) Typically when I get to the airport, I'm in the "For God's sake, just get me there already!" frame of mind. After United totally hosed both directions of my...
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    iPhone 7 #HissingGate: Why are some iPhone 7 and 7 Plus units making hissing noises at their owners?

    I held my iPhone 7 up to my ear and heard the was quite pleasant. ;)
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    Win iTunes Gift Cards from everythingiCafe

    Would be awesome to win an iTunes gift card. (Santa totally misread my list this year and brought an Applebee's card) :p
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    Post Your Last Purchase

    High def is good! :)
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    What did you Cook today?

    Got a new Pyrex dish. Yep, pretty thick. :) I really don't have a recipe. I typically make a big giant pot of sauce every couple months and freeze it. This week I got bored and decided to throw together a lasagna. Sauce, ricotta, mozzarella, pasta, provolone, garlic... Normal stuff.
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    What did you Cook today?

    Homemade lasagna!
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    My new wheels... life is getting better.

    The phrase "Don't take the little things for granted" really hit home for me the past few weeks. Little stuff ya don't even think about, suddenly become huge issues. Thanks for the well wishes. I'm still on the mend, about 90% back to however "normal" I was before. ;)
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    Let's post some fun stuff here

    Two considerations... 1) Maybe he's on another (non Navy) base? I used to LOVE to go to the Navy base when I was in, 'cause their chow hall rocked! :) 2) If you look at the red sign on the back wall, it says something about "Servicemen" (my eyes aren't that good). My best guess is that...
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    My new wheels... life is getting better.

    Picked me up a new (used) car on Monday. It's a 2010 Ford Focus. Got it to replace my 2000 Focus, which got squished. Not allowed (legally) to discuss all of the details until the case settles. Been laid up since 12/27 and having a car again (and the ability to walk) is really nice, let me...
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    Am I Missing Something Here?

    I got my Apple TV a month or so ago and LOVE IT! Aside from being able to watch my iTunes stuff on it, I can watch my collection of saved web videos, podcast & keynote addresses on "The Big TV". I've also ripped a few DVDs for it and they look good as well. Another thing that I love about it...
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    The Glee Thread

    Sadly that's his REAL name, not his Glee name! :)
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    App developer type question...

    That makes sense to me! ;) Would probably make a lot more sense if I knew what I meant to begin with. : p Thanks for the input either way.
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    App developer type question...

    That part, I get. :) I'm just wondering about the data part of it being updated. Let's say you had a program that was basically an episode guide of your favorite show. A new episode comes out once a week. So that your user gets the latest show info, how exactly would that work? Seems like...
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    App developer type question...

    Just a curiosity question, if there are any devs hanging out. In an IOS app, can you package an updateable database with the app? I have a brilliant idea for an app. (unfortunately I have no idea how to program). Anywho...the app would need some sort of database to store info, that would need...
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    Anonymous to "Attack" Facebook.

    Been to Jersey once...bought gas and a soda...cashier was a sweetie.