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    SIM card interchangeable?

    "any other" means cingular/AT&T or SIM from other carriers? if its the former then yes it would work, but after activating iPhone with that. if its the latter then No, it shouldn't.
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    SIM card interchangeable?

    Aaah! so you used your old cingular/AT&T account. I mistook it for a non-AT&T SIM card. Yes ofcourse it works/should work.
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    28 Page iPhone Review ! ! ! ! !

    Come weekend and I will read in leisure!
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    SIM card interchangeable?

    Are you sure that your old SIM card (i.e. the one not activated with iPhone) works in your iPhone? Then you must be having a pre-unlocked iPhone.:laugh2:
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    Worst Nightmare Came True!

    Thats sad! To prevent further damage thing of getting a cover: (got this from Apple iPhone Silicone Case 6-Pack for $12 offers the Apple iPhone Silicone Case 6-Pack for $27.95. Coupon code "iphsc6-16" trims it to $11.95. That's $1.99 each. Shipping adds $5.50. The set...
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    Question on AT&T's terms of service

    So to summarise, - I can activate and cancel within 3 days for no charges (specifically $36 activation & $175 ETF) except usage fees. Then the iPhone can be used as a very expensive iPod + wifi browser. Would it (iPod + wifi) work for any SIM? (maybe an old unused SIM?)
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    Question on AT&T's terms of service

    art & chenyichung --- thanks for your responses. Really appreciate it. I would like to believe chenyichung's response. (: But then don't want to do it unless it is confirmed. I understand that most folks wont do that. I am ok with using a $599 iPhone as a iPod + wifi browser but not ok with...
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    Question on AT&T's terms of service

    Can someone pls reply to this.
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    Question on AT&T's terms of service

    The link ( says that: "An early termination fee of $175 applies if service is terminated before the end of the contract term. If phone is returned within 3 days, activation fee will be refunded. If phone is returned within...
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    did the iPhone sell out anywhere yet?

    Atleast most of the Apple stores still seem to have stock. Check here: One of the folks at the local store said they have enough for today but it may not be sufficient for the weekend. I saw people walking with 2 pieces, not sure how many will come back.
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    Quick Question - Thinking of purchasing

    Interesting question, I'd like answer for this as well. I thought the USB cable from iPhone to the Comp is a data cable only. Lets see what others say about it. If someone tries and it works, bingo!
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    SIM Card?

    Thanks for the updates. Your note on howto pull out the SIM card is nice. For me this is very important. Pls let us know about your adventure while trying to get your other SIM to iPhone. Since the iPhone is not unlocked it may not work. What I am really interested to know is if I unlock the...