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    MacBook Pro How do I take off my account from my work computer?

    Hi all, I'm leaving a job after 4 years of working from my Macbook Pro. Though it's for work, I must confess I've used it for a lot of personal things as well. My gmail account is connected to the computer and I can't figure out how to get it off. See the attached screen shot. Someone...
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    Problem downloading updated software

    I am trying to download iOS 10.2 to fix some bugs in my apps via iTunes but I keep getting this error. It downloads for about a minute or two and then this error pops up: "there was a problem downloading the software for the iPhone "iPhone". An unknown error occurred (9006). Make sure your...
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    My calls show up as "blocked" or "Restricted" HELP!

    You all rock, thanks!
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    My calls show up as "blocked" or "Restricted" HELP!

    Whenever I call someone from my iPhone 4, it shows up as blocked or restricted. All of the time. Why, oh why does it do this?! It's pissing me off and I've been researching this all night. Please, someone tell me what is going on with this stupid phone before I throw it out the window and...
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    Sending Photos...

    Sorry, I'm new at this... Is it possible to send photos in text messages? Also, I know it's possible to send photos though my gmail account, but I can't find the attach option when sending out emails... am I missing something? Please help! Thanks!
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    Uninstall Apps?

    basically... So, basically by deleting the icons, the app's will be gone next time I sync it up to iTunes. There's nothing else for me to do?
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    Uninstall Apps?

    Hey everyone - I just got my iPhone last Friday and I'm loving it! Quick question: If I want to get rid of an app I downloaded, I hold the app icon down for a few seconds and it stars shaking. I click the little red X on the top left hand corner of the app and the icon goes away. Does this...