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    Do I need professional help?

    Well, the Evo's screen-adhesive, screen capacitive issue makes it a no brainer for me. iPhone 4 it is.
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    New iPhone 3GS: Jailbreak Time!

    This is incorrect. First, any 3GS can be jailbroken. More recent releases are limited to what's been called a "tethered" jailbreak. Terrible name for a very simple state of affairs. Mine is "tether-jailbroken." It doesn't require a re-jailbreak or restore when you turn it off or the...
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    iPhone Battery Drain after unlock

    no This is incorrect. Winterboard may slow things down a drop. Jailbreaking for other purposes does not in any way.
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    3GS getting HOT!

    I disagree that this i normal. Streaming internet radio isn't so CPU-intensive to create a lot of heat. I've only had this problem with GPS-app running in the car, screen on and bluetooth/music simultaneously... while plugged in... I'd take it to Apple and tell 'em its dangerous and ask...
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    Does the 3GS support A2DP?

    yes Yes, it does support a2dp but not avrcp. I know because I run audio through my bluetooth car kit and also onto a bluetooth speaker set in my bedroom. The lack of avrcp means you must control the volume, etc via the bluetooth receiver but not the iPhone.
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    I turned Battery % Off.

    OFF OFF OFF... obsesso compulso when on.
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    Oleophobic screen: TOO slippery? that was the joke
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    Oleophobic screen: TOO slippery?

    I must be a greaseball as I find the oleophobic screen more slip-resistant.
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    3GS and

    If you're serious about music, the iPhone is the only real option. I've run the Nokia E71, the Bold, the Palm Pre. They all have features that beat the iPhone, but as a music lover, this was the only real choice. Last.Fm works well on the iPhone. I have it scrobbling via iTunes on my mac and...
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    I don't get it, do any apps stay "open"?

    It is in Cydia and is called 'backgrounder.'. Great app.
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    I don't get it, do any apps stay "open"?

    Only mail, ipod, phone and Safari It truly sucks that you cannot continue listening to an internet radio app while using other apps. It is a weakness of the device that cannot be understated, although some here will say it's no big deal. Jailbreaking fixes this with an app called...
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    Official Audi Bluetooth and iPhone Compatibility Discussion

    you can stream music You can buy a bluetooth adapter to connect to the Audi MMI and stream stereo wirelessly. I have one on the way via UPS.
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    Palm Pre competition? hahahaha

    Well, I owned a Pre and it is a fantastic phone; in many ways comparable to the 3gS and in some ways better. If Palm offered a decent family plan with the Pre I'd have kept it. You should really have experience with something before you trash it.
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    Are you going to Jailbreak your 3GS?

    Just wait for the ever reliable Dev Team to release their jailbreak for 3GS.
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    Are you going to Jailbreak your 3GS?

    yes Backgrounder