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    My NES Emulator

    Ok, i have this site, where i download NES roms onto my iPhone. except when i go to play them theyre all glitchy and the sound sounds horribly distorted, so bad in fact that i have to mute it. are these problems created by BAD ROMs, or is it just how its supposed to be? thanks all
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    iPhone plays my songs always in shuffle mode?

    Hey buddy, you need to go to the now playing screen where it shows the album artwork, play/pause, ect. Tap the screen once, then a little border on the top will appear consisting of the scrubber, the repeat button, and the shuffle button. So, to answer the question to your problem, if the...
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    iPod touch has WiFi b/g but iPhone has WiFi b only?

    iPhon has b/g, so don't worry
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    Where the hell is the 3G iPhone for Europe? We might know.

    dude, haha im in mourning just as much as everyone else:frown:
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    Where the hell is the 3G iPhone for Europe? We might know.

    The only thing more slippery than an iPhoneSIMFree release date has to be the magically, mystical 3G iPhone rumored for Europe. At least with the latter, Apple has been kind enough to drop a few dreggy hints. Add 'em all up and Apple Expo -- kicking off September 25th -- seems to be the prime...
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    Sept 5th event *Rumors*

    no NEW iPhone either, that was NEVER confirmed. I don't f$*king believe it for one minute...
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    Not many of us know, but the iPhone does in fact have 3G capalitlities built into the motherboard. Its just not activated yet. THIS IS THE MOST POWERFUL MOBILE DEVICE ON THE MARKET, and please don't let anyone tell you otherwise. The iPhone is also very easily capable of a GPS Navigational...
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    More Memory Before Christmas

    Well through a simple software update, yes, if thats what you mean by some technology being here But a completely new model? No, I would highly doubt such speculation But thank you for the insight
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    More Memory Before Christmas

    not gonna happen
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    Completely off topic.

    Oh now your not going because all those muscular dudes intimidate you... Why do you listen to us? I would be like,"frack you guys im going with my bf to cancum" Just kidding im not gay... Haha I would take my super hot gf though.
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    Can Apple make a 4GB an 8GB?

    yes i agree with you, what a ********. Go ****. id be pissed if i got a response like that. Its people like that who make this ******* world so grand... *****
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    Completely off topic.

    Ok were not jealous of you and your butt buddies trip to paradise. and please move this into something other than anything that has to do with the iPhone or AT&T. (deletion) haha
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    Completely off topic.

    are you dumb? General discussion about the iPhone, not your gay little bff getaway.
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    What is the average age of people that have an iPhone?

    15. Have a day job and pay $40 a month for it. Going into 10th. Not rich, just average
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    Completely off topic.

    dude are you serious. Look on the internet... don't be retarded