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    Genuine iPhone 3GS?

    Seriously quit being an ******* dude. People have been helping you this whole time and you keep ignoring their advice. Buy an iPhone from Apple or buy one with a new service plan in your country. You are going to pay a lot more to buy one from ebay without a service contract. Do not buy an...
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    you look like a guy on, any chance it is you?

    you look like a guy on, any chance it is you?
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    The new iPhone will have copy/paste

    Apple likes to keep their UI's very minimalistic. The current iPhone UI just isn't ready/prepared for these kind of features. And honestly, to preserve the simplicity and speed of the iPhone, I could live without copy & paste.
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    Talking on Phone while charging...

    Does anyone know why sometimes the iPhone is burning hot when charging, but at other times quite cool when charging as well?
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    iPhone 2 might be delayed!

    All of the iPhone stories out of TUAW have seemed a bit screwy today. I don't know who they are talking with, but honestly most of it so far does not make any sense.
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    bricked my iPhone... what should i do?

    Yeah your cousin's friends don't know anything. Your phone isn't bricked. Just go to your iPhone settings and do a restore. A bricked iPhone is when you turn it on and all you see is black and you can't do anything with it. Or does the screen even turn on when it is bricked. Anyways main point...
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    Video Recording for iPhone, is it worth it?

    Yeah, firmware 2.0 should have video recording by default. Also the new iPhone I expect to have an updated camera with better fps.
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    Connect to the iPhone via USB - no WiFi required

    Ok, this whole thread is so grammatically screwy that I just barely made it down this far without my head imploding. What you are saying is that this basically lets you ftp into the iPhone over USB instead of Wifi am I right?
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    22% Thinner

    Honestly I think the iPhone is thin enough right now as it is. Any thinner and I might break it while it is in my pocket!
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    Official Picture of 3G iPhone Released

    This dude seems to have a pre-release of the new iPhone
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    Have you seen this video of 3G iPhone yet?

    Wow Apple should definitely give this dude a job. What a great design. The whole thing looks very professional especially considering the time he probably spent working on it!
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    New 3G iPhone Ad

    Hmmm I think the announcement will obviously be June 9th and I also think it will be available in stores the 15th.
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    WWDC Picture

    I think it either has to do with Leopard/iPhone V2 or maybe splitting the mobile market, tablet/iPhone, newton/iPhone
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    iFlash - a detachable camera flash

    neat concept, horrible execution. Then again, I couldn't do any better. :)
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    WiFi Sync

    The wireless sync for me seems like an automatic. I am still shocked that Apple hasn't included it in a software update yet. You would think more people would be up in arms over this than there are!