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    Adam on Mythbusters using iPhone.

    Since when did he began to use an iPhone? It must be the most recent show? Adam is a really cool dude.. Even more cooler now.
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    Bad iPhone Dream-

    hehe.. Funny nightmare. I'll hope it doesn't become reality..
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    Order from Apple on 29 instead..
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    I won the iPhone drawing!

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    What time will online ordering begin?

    Thanks for that info guys... You can only order at Apple on the 29 June..
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    new pictures - YouTube and Dock

    really nice,.. thank you for that one..
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    19 Million to buy iPhone

    I hope they made enough units so it doesn't run out..
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    Jewel Covers?

    It would be nice if its not too much.
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    Wow, my wife just gave me $300 towards my 8G iPhone!

    You got a very kind girlfriend. (Return the favour.):angry:
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    Nine Days left how will you pass time?

    Nine days is such a long time.. I cant wait... :tounge:
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    new iPhone picture - see the SIM tray

    Thanks for the picture. It is surely nice :laugh2:
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    This iPhone site is a must see in case you have not guys

    yep there isint much value on that site :frown: