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    Ringtones available now?

    Go to the contact, edit, select a ringtone.
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    Get ready for Noobs

    yes... you can see it coming already; "Shut up Noob! I bought on iDay! You aren't a "real" iPhone owner". And BTW, I bought iDay +1. So, I can't be a iPhone Vet/Forum Snob. I stood in no lines, transaction took 5 minutes from opening the door to leaving. I have paid no dues, other than...
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.0.2 Discussion

    All I can say is as of the update, the wifi speeds are in fact better, unless the two tests I use were changed in some way on the same day as the release. I've checked speed 10+ times since the update and the results are the same... 2x (or better) than the week before, on the same network...
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.0.2 Discussion

    WiFi is WAY faster ... 2x here as a matter of fact. Was getting a typical 1,400 before, now over 3,500. I've tried to crash Safari, no "luck" so far. switching between apps "seems" faster/snappier.
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    App: Seeqpod

    and that statement has been posted even more.... :angry:
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    Can Apple make a 4GB an 8GB?

    No problem. Go to the store. It will cost 600+ tax.
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    You forgot #4 ... those, such as yourself that don't own the phone but like to talk about it.
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    Is my iPhone going to hell on me?

    That's not unusual.... I'm guessing it's got something to do with Java Script.. Almost every board I frequent is vBulletin based and they all lag on the iPhone (using the "Quick Reply", but NOT when I reply with the full reply dialog).
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    How much can you fit on a 4GB iPhone?

    That's why he said "about 4 gigs worth"
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    My Review of 1st Generation iPhone

    How would we expect otherwise? Unless I missed something, you wrote that long "review" based on a few minutes with one at a store? FYI, "testing" typically takes a lot longer than the actual writing of the "review" . :)
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    State Farm is going to insure my iPhone

    Corporate also confirms that THEY DO NOT INSURE iPHONEs. I worked it all the way up the chain. The manager I spoke with at length actually laughed when I said, $50/year, no deductible accidental damage/theft, etc... said they'd go broke replacing $600 iPhones. Even if someone got a policy...
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    Send pics from iPhone to another Phone?

    FYI.. my statements are general in nature, not directed at any one person in particular.
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    Send pics from iPhone to another Phone?

    Are you serious? Look at ANYTHING made by Apple. Their desktops make EVERYTHING else look like some cheapo Chinese knock off. OPen a G5/Pro tower and tell me that don't care. I got to mess with the new iMac today... INSANE attention to detail/quality. Point is, they damn sure do care... they...
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    Send pics from iPhone to another Phone?

    Right on ... I actually LIKE using the iPhone. First phone I've had (probably 20+ over the years, WM, BB, Treo, et al ) that I can say that about. Sure, there are some things I might use if they were there, but the fact is, I knew what I was buying before I laid down the cash.... kinda simple...
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    Help Glass broke!

    Uhh.. I've read of several people paying $250 (Apple) to have the glass replaced. Free Glass for dropping your phone? Now THAT would be sweet.
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    Power Support Crystal Film Set for iPhone

    Good stuff, highly recommended. Easy install, can't tell it's there. And it's expensive? Seriously, you just bought a $600 phone for Pete's sake! Sounds like someone that bought a Porsche and complains about gas prices :)
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    Confirmed Ringtones on iTunes 7.3

    Please explain and post "your" definition of "stealing". Would be interesting I'm sure.
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    Placing pushpins on maps

    Pretty cool idea... I'd like my phone to actually drive the car by following the step b step directions. THAT would rock.
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    Send pics from iPhone to another Phone?

    So how is it helpful filling-up every forum on the web with the identical complaints about the phone? It ALL could have been avoided with some simple reading before "getting in line" to buy one. No? 1. "Apple Forgot" to add "so-and-so" feature. Does ANYONE really believe they "forgot" or...
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    Send pics from iPhone to another Phone?

    There's a VERY simple fix for everyone who's here complaining... Take the thing back and live happily ever after. Maybe do a little research before making a major purchase next time, hey, it'll save a LOT of space on the internet.