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    Watching the keynote yesterday and...

    I'm going to quote that new guy on here quick... "when we asked iPad users who had a notebook, a desktop, and a smartphone their favorite device for email they responded: iPad. For browsing the web: iPad. We asked iPad users who also had an E-reader what their favorite device was for reading...
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    iCloud crashes every time I try to run it

    Says at the top 'verifying' then crashes about 3-4 seconds later... whats up? I see it says I shoudl have gotten an email, yet I haven't.
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    Some sort of bug regarding images

    So, I went to save some images from the web today to show to my girlfriend. It was 3 images in particular. The problem arises when I went to text them, according to my 'messages' app, there were no pictures on my phone. So I went into photos and it did the old "Please Wait: Updating Library"...
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    GPS runs no matter what(almost)

    So my gps icon has been on the phone for several days now. It will not shut off unless I physically disable GPS. Turning GPS brings the icon back, and it doesn't go away. I have shut down EVERY background item, and even restarted the phone several times. What.. the... fcuk. Its made it so my...
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    Can't open App Store since jailbreak

    Ever since I jailbroke my iPhone, I have not be able to open the App Store. Is this a common problem? Any fixes?
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    How would I change ONLY the app overlays?

    I really like the theme overlays and I'd like to create some of my own, while keeping most of the phone in its basic layout. How would I change the overlay on apps like some themes do? I'm only looking to change that 1 feature.
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    I need a tracking app

    Is there an app I can get so my gf can track me? I'm traveling out west and I want her to be able to track me ALL the time without my input. Can it be done? She doesn't have an iPhone. She's all the way in ny and very worried about me.
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    Hardware wearing out?

    I've had the iPhone 4 since iday. It is now sluggish as hell even after restoring to factory with no apps(aside from icafe). On my 3G and 3GS I could restore and things would get speedy again. WTF. I hate this phone more and more every day.
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    Best way to kill the battery life?

    How would I go about draining the battery the fastest?
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    Streaming TV/movies?

    I'm looking for a site that streams tv shows or movies so I can watch em on wifi. Anything you guys know of?
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    My alarm never went off

    At 2am I set 2 alarms to get up. The alarms were for 6am and 6:15am. Neither of the 2 went off. The alarms were both set correctly so I guess there is a bug everyone should keep an eye out for. ****. It's too early. I only slept 3 hours
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    Bumper ruined my iPhone

    I've had a bumper on my iPhone since I day and it destroyed the metal bezel. Everything else is perfect that wasn't covered by the bumper. Anyone else have this problem?
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    Updates available or not?

    When I open iTunes 10, it says there are 21 updates for my apps. I click the apps section, then in the lower left corner click the '21 Updates Available' and it says "Scott( has no updates currently available. To check for updates for another account, sign in with that account."
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    League of Legends[PC gaming]

    About a week and a half ago I stumbled across this game and now I'm addicted. You choose 1 of over 50 champions who each have their own unique abilities and you and your team try to push through and destroy the opponents base. They were just featured on g4 and as of yesterday the trailer for...
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    Connection issues

    I'm starting to have real big connection issues. They're not related to the 'holding it the wrong way' scenario either. First, driving today I lost service as I usually do in a particular area. When I got back within range of service it said 'no service'. I waited a little longer and it...
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    What happened to this ios4 feature?

    I remember seeing in the keynote for ios 4 that emails would be grouped like they are on the gmail website. How can I get that feature working? I would like to have 1 email on my phone for a topic that had 30 replies rather than having 30 emails for that topic.
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    It's not special anymore.

    I loved my 3GS and I love my iPhone 4 but it doesn't feel like a new gadget anymore. I feel the same with it now as the days I had my 3GS. My girlfriend only wants one for the better camera(you know girls). I know next time there is a big release like this, I'll resell on eBay. My favorite...
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    Problems with capacity?

    I just restored my phone, and after which, went to sync all my music on the phone. I got a popup in iTunes that said 'unable to sync blah blah blah 10.9gb needed and only 1.4 available'. I then glanced down at the bottom of the screen and it showed my phone with a capacity of 4gb before...
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    The Official "I just got my iPhone" freakout thread

    I hope this is acceptable. I'm hoping we don't see 400 threads over the next 48 hours to sort through. I'd personally rather have it contained in 1 thread... So, freak out here.
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    Is my iPhone going to be there?

    I've been wondering, is my phone going to be there at the Apple store. I made a reservation, but I've just got this nagging feeling that if I don't camp out tomorrow night, they'll sell my phone to the first person to cough up the dough. I just keep seeing those posts all over the internet...