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    sorting apps in home screen

    Is it possible to sort the apps on the home screen?
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    What do you drive or ride?

    In another thread, people started talking about cars. So I'm wondering what do you people drive or ride? Here's my garage... 2002 Honda S2000 2007 Honda CBR 1000RR Repsol 2007 BMW Z4 M Coupe 2007 Mini Cooper S (on order for wife, due to arrive in October) 2008/9 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG (put...
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    Wow, my iPhone turned on today...

    Pre-lauch, everyone was excited. Post-launch, this place with filled with complaining, bitching and whiners. The speaker volume is too low, no MMS, no custom ringtones, no video recording, whine, whine, whine. I have had zero problems. I can hear my iPhone perfectly and am fine with some of...
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    Vaja iPhone Case

    Here's the first pictures of the Vaja iPhone case... I don't like it.
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    new rumor: ringtones in iTunes 7.3
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    new iPhone picture - see the SIM tray

    From We finally have an official clear shot of the top of the iPhone. From top to bottom... sleep/wake button, SIM tray, pin hole to eject SIM, earphone hole.
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    new pictures - YouTube and Dock

    Press Release: YouTube Demo:
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    Age, Occupation, Income Poll

    As a follow-up to the post titled "What income bracket are you in.. also your age?", here is an income poll. And if you want, list your age and occupation. I'll start... 32, Director of Internet Marketing
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    they are starting to ship...

    From Howard Forums... :gasp:
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    AT&T Memo: iPhone Preparation

    Source: Before deciding to camp all night or wait all day, call ahead of time to make sure that your local AT&T store will in fact be actually stocking and selling the...
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    new customers and upgrade eligible customers only

    So I just spoke to my AT&T businesss rep, the same one who told me a couple of weeks ago that the launch was set for the last week of June, probably on 6/29, before the commercials starting hitting. This time, he confirmed my fears and provided some new info on who and who is not eligible to...
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    lack of information

    Is anyone else pissed off that there exists a severe lack of information 18 days from the big launch? I know that Apple is always historically very secretive about their products, right up to launch day but a launch this important to them and the fact that it involves AT&T, I would think they...
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    looks like a SIM tray

    I found this pic on Looks like a sim tray to me! High res version -
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    20070612.jpg significance?

    I was just looking at the Apple iPhone website and noticed something that may or may not be of any significance. When right clicking on one of the original three ads on this webpage, then going to properties, you will see the file name like screen_neveripod20070612.jpg. 20070612 looks like a...
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    predictions, surprises and hopes for WWDC

    WWDC is less than a week away. What are some of your predictions, surprises and hopes for WWDC? Predictions - Jobs will announce open development for the iPhone and a SDK kit. Surprises - Another widget or two, maybe RSS feeder? 3G? GPS chipset? Hopes - Jobs will clear up eligibility...
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    Use requires minimum new 2 year activation plan.

    At the end of each of the three Apple iPhone commercials, it clearly states... "Use requires minimum new 2 year activation plan." Keywords are new and activation. For the past couple of days, I've been trying to figure out what this exactly means for us, current AT&T customers. Unfortunately...
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    some insight as to how activations will work!

    From AppleInsider... Interesting! Anyone care to guess how this will work?
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    More iPhone details - good and not so good

    From Boy Genius Report... - iPhone will interact with iPhoto and iTunes. - No external SIM slot, which means SIM card cannot be removed or exchanged. - Battery cannot be removed; most already expected this. - No iChat. - Safari will offer tab browsing. - VPN client in beta. - Screen resistant...
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    Apple Store & iPhone activations

    I just called a local Apple store and talked to the store manager. They confirmed the release date being set for 6/29 (no surprise here) and also stated that the iPhone purchased through Apple will include a SIM card and a phone number to activate the iPhone over the phone with AT&T. Apple...
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    looks like 6/29 will be the magical date

    All recent rumors in the past few days (extra security, tv commerical sighting, AT&T businesss rep, claims of an AT&T corporate marketing employee and now Engadget) point to a release during the final week of June, either on 6/25, 6/26 or 6/29. The wait is almost over. The iPhone will be here...