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    how the heck do i have 5.41 GB of Other Installed

    Mine did the same when I first jailbroke my phone. I had to do a restore in order to "reset" the phone then a jailbroke again and all is well.
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    Comcast and other email - not happening

    In regards to Comcast mail. When I set my mail up a year ago, Comcast did not allow mail to be sent off network. Using Edge would cause the mail to be not delivered. The solution was to sent outgoing mail to go through gmail, Once that is done things have been perfect.
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    iToner for 1.1.1 AVAILABLE

    You can edit in iToner but I tink you can edit down songs in Garage Band then drag and drop the ringtone in iToner.
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    iToner for 1.1.1 AVAILABLE

    iToner now has up on their website that their now works with version 1.1.1.
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    8GB iPhone is now going to be $399

    Wall Street was not that happy with Apple's announcement today. Analysts said the price drop would definitely boost sales, possibly allowing Apple to achieve its self-proclaimed goal of selling 1 million iPhones by the end of September. But they also questioned the move, which is not...
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    What does AT&T charge more for data?

    If you think ATT is high, check out Verizon unlimited data $49.00/mn:angry:
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    Sending my iPhone for service, do i need to back up?

    Don't forget to remove your sim card.
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    Official Using Cucusoft for DVD to iPhone Video Conversion

    It might need to be converted for use on iPod. Try highlighting the movie in iTunes then right click. If it needs to be converted you will see that option in the menu. Once converted it should transfer over.
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    Why use a screen cover?

    I have a slightly different angle on the use of screen protectors. After reading several articles about some peoples touch screen having some dead spots one tech guy said the capacitive(sp) screen has a thin coating that, over time, could wear off in heavily used areas. Or during the...
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    How many here dropped Verizon for the iPhone?

    I am leaving Verizon for the fact that I have a Moto Q and my 900 min plan with data was over $100.00 per month. Since switching to the iPhone my bill with the same 900 minutes $30 per month less. Plus I am tired of Verizon charging for everything!