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  1. iNinja

    Is it safe to post here?

    Shame, this site used to have loads of good members.
  2. iNinja

    Question? Any old time regulars still come around?

    I am an old timer that left for an android in the HTC beautiful phase. Now on a P30 pro and love it, but come back here once a month or so to see if any other old timers check in. This is the only forum alongside DarkUFO that I was a part of for many, many years. Hope everyone is safe and well!
  3. iNinja


    hey guys! I left after switching to android. was good while it lasted! :)
  4. iNinja


    Wow, these old screen names bring back some good memories. Me and Dave (Psylichon) had our children around the same time! Hope you're all well.
  5. iNinja

    Woah... dead boards?

    Kevin is correct. The boards are dying because we all left. I am assuming I was one of the 'knowledgable' ones. ;) I still lurk, but now use an android device, a HTC 10 - I think its awesome
  6. iNinja

    The 5th of November!

    How time flies when your having fun, or reading EiC! :)
  7. iNinja

    What shows are you watching?

    Not checked all 84 pages but just started watching Trailer Park Boys on netflix. Love it!
  8. iNinja

    Prototype 4.7" iPhone 6?

    More images and showing a black version...
  9. iNinja

    where are you!!?

    where are you!!?
  10. iNinja

    What did you Cook today?

    That big thing is an artichoke?! Where's the carbs?!?! :)
  11. iNinja

    New Images Purport to be Dummy Models of White and Silver iPhone 6

    haha, I agree. I bought the m7 because of the look, however I fell in love with Sense 5 and then 5.5 (or 6 or whatever it is now called). I installed many custom roms including cyanogen mod and lLabtoofer's roms (excuse the spelling, I'm mobile) but the apps and tweaks were just falling short...
  12. iNinja

    Official random thread

    Ahhhh tagging. I do love the modern day EiC :)
  13. iNinja

    New Images Purport to be Dummy Models of White and Silver iPhone 6

    To be honest, I don't really know. In many ways it was, and is a better phone but it wasn't an iPhone. I don't know if that was hardware or software though, and to be honest I'm not overly fond of the iOS7 look and feel. I decided it was time to "come home" though because I am due an upgrade in...
  14. iNinja

    Official random thread

    And you didn't spot the grammatical error - "then you're". haha, nice to speak again Kev!
  15. iNinja

    New Images Purport to be Dummy Models of White and Silver iPhone 6

    Having just moved back from a HTC one (m8) to the iPhone 5s, I hope this isn't a true reflection of the design. I enjoyed the HTC One (m7 and m8) but always pined for that iPhone feel...
  16. iNinja

    Official random thread

    Off topic, and random. But I'm baccckkkkkk - if you don't remember me, then you obviously not cool enough ;-) A
  17. iNinja

    Facebook Home on iPhone

    I hope this explains the crappy updates in the iOS and Android app's recently. The Android app seems especially poor.
  18. iNinja

    Cannot delete Application!

    Jailbroken apps, just install cydelete. will let you delete cydia installed apps.
  19. iNinja

    iPhone 4 (4s) VS. HTC.

    Ok, i haven't been around here for a while. Well, posting at least (I always lurk lol) but anyone that remembers me will know that I LOVE the iPhone. I love how they looks, how they seamlessly connect all of my devices but most importantly how they just work. They work amazingly well out of the...
  20. iNinja

    No News On The 4S 5.1 Jailbreak?

    They couldnt release as it was not in an end user-able state yet. If that makes sense. Its a case of when and not if though i think.