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  1. whiteghost

    Blocked phone

    Hi If O2 have blocked it due to it being stolen or whatever then surely they must know who owned the phone ? If you are on contract with O2 as I am they know who I am and the phone I have? If not on contact they may have a name of who asked it to be blocked as they stated then cannot unblock...
  2. whiteghost

    Unable to rotate and edit iPhone 4 photos in windows 7

    I also use right click file choose preview and then use the rotate icon ? close the file "save" and see if it saves it as you rotated it? This works for me!
  3. whiteghost

    iMessage with hiccups

    As far as I was aware iMessage is for use between any Apple item? Ipod, iPhone etc Not between iPhone and any None Apple product !?!? Would not think the powers that be "Apple" would let this happen :-(
  4. whiteghost

    Unable to rotate and edit iPhone 4 photos in windows 7

    Check that the files are not set to read only? Right click folder, select properties then un select the read only option and then apply to all files and folders! See if that works?
  5. whiteghost

    Notification iOS 5 - Change Wallpaper

    Worked perfectly ! THANKS :)(y)
  6. whiteghost

    WiFi sync blocked by avg

    Here are the AVG settings that works for me! open up your AVG prog! Go to TOOLS, advanced firewall settings Under the firewall profile you use, go to system services "left hand pane" Manage user system rules "Bar below right hand window click on it" Click on the ADD button? create two new...
  7. whiteghost

    Sync wirelessly

    Also check any firewall you have I have AVG and had to put in setting manually !
  8. whiteghost

    WiFi sync VS iCloud backup?

    Plus with iCloud you can restore anywhere as long as you have internet access ! :-)
  9. whiteghost

    Transfer data or start fresh?

    Best thing to do is get you 3g setup how you want your 4s ! delete anything you don't want and sync with iTunes so that when you restore the 4s it will only contain what you want? As for the 3g if you are selling etc and want to clear it best to restore to as new with iTunes after your 4s in...
  10. whiteghost

    iPhone iOS5 won't WiFi sync

    Hi Mine will only work with AVG firewall turned off! Otherwise all works fine ! You can use it unplugged but I read if your battery has less than 20% your better off plugging it in to an outlet! Also some people have found than in windows services restart Apple mobile device? and it helps?
  11. whiteghost

    App issue

    daughter gets this every so often when she has not connected to iTunes for a while ! think it is Apples way of keeping tabs on people ! When she updates via iTunes instead of wifi it goes away for awhile!
  12. whiteghost

    Is there any way to backup phone?

    As far as I know there is no way to backup when in this state! Have you tried Tiny umbrella ? has a switch at top to kick phones out of DFU or recovery mode? Google it quite easy to find.... Worth a try before you lose everything!
  13. whiteghost

    Using iPhone 3GS bought in Japan in the US

    I'm sure it is the same where ever you buy or use the iPhone! Depending on which firmware you use ! look here : " hope not breakin any rules here ?" don't worry covers all iPhone's !
  14. whiteghost

    Downloading Files On My iPhone

    If you are jailed you can get a safari addon to download to your phone from cydia!
  15. whiteghost

    Apps won't install?

    have you tied updating it through iTunes? then syncing it to your phone?
  16. whiteghost

    iPhone 3GS -got new laptop how do I transfer all iPhone data without losing anything?

    If only it was that simple for Apple ! You can use "file/ transfer purchases from ipod" ? but this only works with purchased stuff through app store! If you do a search for tansee products they do a range of progs to backup most stuff from your iPhone, then after you sync with iTunes...
  17. whiteghost

    3GS 3.1.2 (7D11) Upgrade question

    I'm on O2 myself with no issues! You can always upgrade the firmware through iTunes but you will loose any jailbreak until one is ready? I have used greenpois0n and all is well ! update through iTunes then use green% to jailbreak! When I did mine iTunes updated the base due to O2 upgrade ! Not...
  18. whiteghost

    iPhone 3 gs update

    don't know but would think it was redundant now greenpois0n is out!
  19. whiteghost

    iPhone stuck in recovery mode and will not boot or restore

    Answer to long to list here ! If you google iPhone error 1015 you will find the answer ! Few different steps you can take?
  20. whiteghost

    Charging problem after disassembly

    Last time I saw this the phone was in a boot loop which means some files have become corrupt and had to restore! There is a jailbreak now for 4.2 " latest firmware" but not a unlock yet ! You could try tiny umbrella it has a kick out of dfu button ! if that don't work I think it is only a...